SAAB Switzerland. Your new SID.

The SID of older Saab has from time to time minor problems, this is known to us all and for one or the other annoying. Now Saab Switzerland has recognized the problem and started an action that ours too older Conspecifics stay on the street for a long time and keep the look of a Saab worthy


The package offered by participating workshops. The cost for such a mission CHF 350.- or for our northern neighbors it is € 290.- depending on the EUR / CHF rate.

Now which models are concerned with this offer? Saab 9-3 from 98-03 and the Saab 9-5 model 98-05. So first check if you have the right Saab

What does the new SID indicate? Now the usual data:

  •  ·         Outside temperature (black ice warning)
  • ·         Date and Time
  • ·         fuel consumption
  • ·         Action radius with available fuel supply
  • ·         Radio / CD settings
  • ·         service display
  • ·         Level washer fluid
  • ·         Level of coolant

This action is until 31. August 2013 valid, so who plans his vacation in the south here could take a Saabstopp and update the car and stay with the Saabtalk with the garage.

All information is up Link apparent.

Now, always happy ride wishes you Yves.

Image: Saab Parts AB

11 thoughts on "SAAB Switzerland. Your new SID."

  • Oh well. I live in Switzerland and had my SID for about 100 EUR overhaul last year before Christmas in Germany (new ribbon cable LCD to PCB, all new light bulbs). The price does not seem interesting to me like some Saab Arts offers. Since I continue to order with Skdanix what I can get there.

  • There is nothing in the promotion about an extended range of functions. With a new SID you just buy the same ironer again for a lot of money. The so-called "ribbon cable" is the weak point. Many of the repair shops throw that out right away and repair with a permanent solution. With the exchange, SAAB is offering a technical solution on the status of 1994.
    If you want to have the right extended functionality, you have to activate the Live-SID.

  • Anyone who pays 290 € for this can no longer be helped. The whole thing costs € 85 including a 5-year guarantee ... of course not with Saab

    • Is then probably not new and a used part. Extended functionality not synonymous.

  • The SID can cause problems much earlier if yours only started working after ten years - lucky! When I bought my first Saab, which was four years old at the time, I complained about pixel errors in the air conditioning screen and got a new one from the dealer. This, too, began after about three years, sometimes withholding the degree Celsius symbol, later also the second digit of the driver's temperature ...

    My SID2, which I "repaired" myself five years ago, is still working perfectly ...

  • My SID (from 9-5 I, built in 1998/99) started to drop out in columns in 2009 and finally gave up its ghost at the end of 2011, the result looked a bit like “painting by numbers”. A very committed car dealership mentioned here was able to help very well at the time ... the new part is not a new part, but an overhauled one and runs flawlessly.

    11 years seems somehow to be such a characteristic life span. Between 2010 and 2012 occurred at short intervals problems with the control unit of the injection system, the throttle and just the SID. The injection system was an expensive fun (700 €), the throttle has just broken within the warranty period, and the SID was relatively cheap to do.

  • The offer can also be found on the German SaabParts website.

    It may be possible to repair the pixel errors for 100 € -150 €, but the offer also includes an extension of the functionality of the SID. Whether you need it is different.

    • An extension of the functionality I do not see, what exactly does this include?

      • Mine was none

        - Washer fluid level
        - coolant level

        represent. But maybe I'm wrong because I had only a SID 1 and no SID 2 (as shown) in the car.

        And as I said, if you need that, that's different.

  • These "pixel errors" in the displays are really a very annoying topic!
    Very nice that there are always promotions from dealers or "SAAB" for our old treasures !!!!!

    At first, just a few years ago, the SID display shown here in my 9-5 had slight errors. The exchange in a real SAAB workshop was quite expensive (pixel / display repair was not even offered).

    When, at the end of 2011, the lower display of the air conditioning had slight pixel errors and no longer wanted to display the temperature correctly (you never knew whether it was 0, 3 or 8 ° C), the “free Saab expert workshop” that I now work with was my car, I didn't really feel like repairs / didn't have the time, I then had it done by a recommended "specialist company for displays, speedometers and chip tuning" for just over € 150. And to this day the display works fine.

    Even if that did not affect the actual driving in the SAAB, these pixel errors were always a huge thorn in the eye and have tarnished the driving pleasure for me daily (SAAB-Nerd halt)!

  • I think the current Super Sale campaign of the Swiss interesting, the SID can be usually for significantly less than 290 Euro restore. Will there be an accessory price action for Germany? Please, please, please

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