Blog internally. Saab jackets.

Who remembers this year's Geneva Motor Show? The team of was with Saab jackets on the move to give our brand a visual presence at least for a short time. The jackets with embroidered Saab aircraft, blog lettering and Saab logo should - we agreed - only remain reserved for the blog team. Therefore there was only a small edition.

Saab jackets, finally there and back on the journey ...
Saab jackets, finally there and already on the trip again ...

What we had underestimated was how much some fans identify with the brand and how persistent they are looking for Saab jackets. Sure, there are cheap options from the Far East on certain portals. However, they are simply made cheap and in no way correspond to our brand. So there was a need for action ...

Mark, although heavily involved in his work, made the impossible possible and put a second, modified edition into production. With minor changes - we have dispensed with the embroidered blog lettering - the jackets correspond to the team version.

The high-quality jacket with 3M light strips comes from a German manufacturer and is embroidered according to our specifications, ie refined Saabisch. All fans who have patiently waited may rejoice. Because they get in the next few days the long-awaited jackets. We packed the parcels on the weekend and got them started.

In our fan shop the Saab jackets are not (yet) to be found, because there is currently no time to upload and upload new items. But soon there will be the jackets there too. While stocks last.



3 thoughts on "Blog internally. Saab jackets."

  • So the jacket has been around for a while :) and the jackets are just great thanks to Mark again

  • Hallo,

    So I have to say the jackets are 1A, have such a long time already and do not regret it. So Thomas take care of you and get one.

    Harzer greetings

  • Hi Tom,

    very big envy factor on everyone who gets one (yes Elmar also on you): o)

    LG from the Harz

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