SAAB service Kiel. Review.

The Saab dealer network has never been particularly tight, and the last few years have made it even wider. It is gratifying that there are still dedicated dealers who have recognized their opportunity in the niche and live the Saab. At the top of the north is Saab Service Kiel, the Saab base of the Lafrentz family. It is exciting to learn how Saab customers judge the Kiel. Especially if they are not from northern Germany. In this case from Austria.

Car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel.
Car dealership Lafrentz in Kiel.

Klaus from Styria was visiting Kiel and - of course - at the Lafrentz dealership. He summarizes what he experienced there in an email to the blogger:

Last Tuesday we drove away from 4 clock from Leoben (Styria). It was a strange feeling considering you have about 1300 kilometers ahead of you. In addition, it rained all the time up to and including Kiel. Not exactly comfortable to drive, but in my 9-5 II TiD, stalked, built in March 2011 that was really no problem. Climate set, sitting position on relax, 4 times break and we were on the Baltic Sea. After two days stay I fulfilled a big wish. I visited the car dealership Saab Lafrentz.

I actually only came up with it because you always have a lot of positive things about you in the blog. Hello, greetings, I have a few wishes regarding my car. My dialect revealed that I did not come from the area. Do you own the Austrian license plate out there and drive from there to us in the workshop? Yes - and an endearing conversation followed. A little later, Mr. Lafrentz stood there and greeted me personally.

I also told him that I was in contact with Tom before and that I actually came to you through him. Yes - insane - he said, I just called Tom on the phone. I explained my wishes to him (personalize the car afterwards) and very rarely a barely noticeable jerk.

You can get your Saab at around 4 a.m. they said. You know how slowly time goes by when you're waiting for something nice. I was there at 3 a.m. and my car was ready. In addition to my unusual requests, the EGR valve and the turbo were calibrated. The particle filter was also cleaned and got the software for the 2012 model year draufgespielt. And all about 104 Euro.

Tom, I tell you, I almost jumped in the air for joy. I also got Saab anti-slip pads for the phone, a parking disc, Saab cleaning wipes for the navigation display and a lanyard. I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SOMETHING LIKE THAT. 

With brands like Saab Lafrentz, our brand can survive 100% - for sure. On the way home there was no more jerking and the speedometer, I am not allowed to write, showed 230 km / h.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lafrentz team again very warmly and will visit them again on my next Kiel trip - regardless of whether my car has something or not.

Good, dedicated Saab partners are the lighthouses for our brand. They are important, they keep the very special Saab dealer culture alive. Those of us who have a recommendable Saab base in their vicinity are invited to report on it. We will publish the story here on the blog.




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  • Nice report, but you have to say that we in Schleswig - Holstein are very well equipped with Saab service workshops.
    It greets


  • For the more specific jobs, the journey is definitely worth it from south of the Main. The area around the fjord is also very nice for a short break.
    And for the “normal” work there are also experts here on site, even if the large Saab sign is no longer hanging. Let's hope it stays that way.

  • Dear Klaus,

    in the country of the released highways, the speedometer needle may also extend to the 230 brand

    And I thought the 400 km that I drive from Saarland to Bamberg were crazy ...


  • Class, the Kieler. They prove that you can earn money with SAAB and let it rock!

  • Hello,

    Well, I'm curious, next week I'm near Kiel and I'm going to visit the car dealership Lafrentz !!! I'm looking forward to it, also great that you can do a little advertising for our FSH my in Vienenburg is also very friendly and does a good job!

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