SAAB News. Speculation with Swedish cultural property.

In Germany, a Saab 9-5 II sports car is for sale. The very rare Saab was auctioned at one of the KVD auctions in Sweden and then approved in Germany by the current seller, a dealership. The love there did not last long. Only half a year was the station wagon on our roads, and during this time he was only moderately moved.

For Sale: Saab 9-5 Sports Suit at Auto Deppe
For Sale: Saab 9-5 Sports Suit at Auto Deppe

Instead of around 44.000 kilometers, there are now 50.000 on the clock. The price of the collector's item has risen - but is really inflationary. Is it because of our ailing favorite currency or is this Saab also an investment property? Bought 6 months ago for a good € 41.000, the price has (almost) doubled to more than € 85.000, even if we include all possible costs for registration, transport and fees. Daring, daring ...

Yes, the times are transparent and inexorable. Not only the NSA reads bravely and in tireless commitment. Everyone. who likes the history of this car can 9-5 sports combination archive do research. Earnings and surcharges are good and worth striving for. Every trader should generate a healthy return. But 100% surcharge in 6 months is maybe a bit too much of a good thing. How about a speculation tax on Swedish cultural property?

Of course, the sports combination should have risen moderately in value. Because he has street legal clearance, which was not the case six months ago. And there are only 27 copies on our planet. That extreme profit maximization ideas usually do not work, you can see in the Dutch Saab speculators, The shops with rare Swedish goods are running tougher than expected.


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  • I think the car will only go to a real enthusiast at the price and that's a good thing. If the sales proceeds go to a long-standing Saab dealership, that's only good for our brand. I think this SC is certainly one of the most desirable on the market, if someone really wants the car, he'll buy it at this price. I think Mr. Deppe has no problem if the car stays with him ...

  • Except for the rims and this cruel Parrot part very nice.
    I would take immediately (but pers. Not at the price) !!
    Unfortunately I do not need a new car right now. ;-(

  • The quality of the pictures is just cruel. Who dreams of premium prices, should present his goods accordingly.

  • At Venza, an 95 2 SC has been available at a comparable price for months. It's great that SAABs should be worth so much now, but I do not think that price will be paid. A surcharge is certainly fine but the market is just too tight for such price regions.

  • I find the asking price of the dealer legitimate.
    Only 27 copies? There is value added preprogrammed.
    And if he does not go away? So what? Then he just stops first.

    And that's good. The purchase must hurt! A new owner should know what he is buying.
    Would not it be much worse if the car was first sold out and then worn out as an everyday car?

    Today I passed a beautiful and 9-3 convertible - one of the last. My first thought was: “It's actually too good to drive.” For one of only twenty-seven 9-5 II SC, this is double and triple

    Whether he should now cost 85 or 185 thousand, I'm completely short. May he be preserved. That's what matters. If we had all bravely new cars bought at the (SAAB) dealer, now anyway no one would need to complain about prices and availability of more or less rare used.

    • Absolutely right!

  • Really a nice one. Dare!!! Only I would wish that one, if you already set him in such a scene (photos), even once thought about the German language. The description is a disaster. Grammar, expression and spelling leave much to be desired and that at the price !!! Apart from advertising with such a unique Saab with the Opel used car warranty I call marketing technically tripped.

    Well let's see when he leaves, hopefully in good hands despite everything ...

    Greetings Cetak

  • That's what I call the courage to take a gap! It's a great vehicle and almost unique! Well, the offer is there. A call or a personal appearance at the Deppe company can clarify the situation. Negotiating is certainly legitimate! I'm curious when this dream 9-5 II aero sports suit will find its new man (?) Or lady! My "idiot" 9-3 Aero runs and runs .... Deppe always had top SAAB offers! (In "old" times, however, there were also other prices !!!)
    I wish the new users of this noble SAAB a lot of fun with it!

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