Economy. Qoros with Saab technology.

Somehow the blog is becoming more and more of a "what-if blog". I don't like it at all ... was never what we wanted! Mark and I are now working on a Plan B. It might sound familiar to one or the other reader, because Plan B is typical of Saab and was a household word in the Muller era. Today we're back to the “what if”. There was once Saab and e-AAM Driveline Systems.

Detail: brand lettering in the headlights
Detail: brand lettering in the headlights

With this partnership, the Swedes were on the right, promising path. For the 9-3 successor based on the Phoenix platform, technology was jointly developed, and Saab could have put together a great hybrid and electric drive solution. For the first 12 months, this technique would have been reserved exclusively for Saab, but everything turned out differently, as we know.

The former, joint company is no longer, e-AAM is firmly in the American hands. Newcomer Qoros will partner with e-AAM on future models. For hybrid and electric models, the Americans will in future supply electric drive units, powerboxes with a control module for the electric drive as well as a company-owned control unit and software that provides traction and hybrid control functions.

Saab technology in the Qoros. Not that it would comfort me somehow. But on the contrary !



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  • Missed time, missed opportunities ... well, at least a chance for NEVS, because they can either tackle it right away, like GM, or they can do a lot of things much better and maybe one day let the phoenix emerge from the ashes.

    I am still very interested in finding out why the contract went to NEVS and not to one of the competitors. Maybe we will learn a little more about this (?). Or maybe - and that would of course be even better - it will soon become clear to us due to the great products from Saab / NEVS that or why NEVS was a good choice ... Dreaming is allowed 🙂

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