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In the next few days the blogger will switch to summer vacation and with it the blog in stand-by mode. But first let's see what the press has to say about Saab. The 8/2013 edition of the Autobild Klassik has it all! There are a few heads in the editorial team who have the courage to fill the gap and love the small brands. Saab, the cult brand from Sweden, appears several times in the current issue. The first reference to the Swedish brand can be found on page 44. It's about the classics from the 70s, and as a buying tip for little money, the Saab 99 Turbo gets a few sentences and a recommendation. With “Turbo Afterburner”, according to the editors.

SAAB 92 in the Autobild Classic
SAAB 92 in the Autobild Classic

It continues on page 92. In the report on fuel consumption, the Autobild Klassik does away with prejudices. A Saab 900 S Cabriolet from 1991 is being tested with other old and young timers. The Saab does well in the test cycle. No turbo is running, turbo is drinking! It can also be done economically! In the top 30 list, the Saab is 8th and ahead of a Golf 1.1.

On page 99 it is about the Choice for the classic of the year. The Saab 900 Cabriolet is included in the “Convertibles and Roadsters” section. The vote will run until September 15th. No question, the 900 Cabriolet is the Saab icon at all, and all fans should vote! Would be nice if our brand got a great placement!

Even more Saab? Yes, it continues. Pretty much on the last pages of the magazine, the editors write about the cars of the aircraft manufacturers. Logical that Saab should not be missing there. Because at what brand are automotive and aircraft production so closely linked? The Autobild Classic is the Saab 92 therefore worth a double page. Not bad, the Saab presence in the current issue. It would be nice if the motor press would report in the future on a similar scale about the comeback of the brand. When it finally comes!



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  • I got the magazine too. If you think so, that was still real cars. Today, there is a lot of uniformity. Because they are one just like the other.

    Wish you a nice holiday

  • Thank you everyone, but ... too early. I'm still working and blogging for two or three days. 😉

  • Wish you a great holiday during the standby time and thank you for this fantastic blog

  • The blogger team including the family a relaxing vacation! It will be a hard time for users, but we will stay calm and look forward to new positive stories about SAAB! And if NEVS has something nice to offer, we'll take it too! Have a nice summer ... the SUN is shining in the north !!!

  • It's always nice to read about SAAB ... I used the lunch break and got the magazine. Hopefully we won't get stuck with the young timers and will soon read the latest new car tests again!

  • It would be an affront if they had gone and brought nothing about Saab as a car and aircraft manufacturer. But as it is ... Good to see our brand again as young and old-timers in a trade magazine.

  • I'll just run to the magazine dealer ... 🙂

  • The press conference indirectly announced by Kjell AC Bergström, until which time he definitely wants to stay at NEVS, will probably only take place in a few weeks - so Tom, then good rest on a well-deserved summer vacation!

    By the way, the auto-image for SAAB has indeed done a good job, hats off!

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