Saab Facet. The result of a great passion.

When does Saab start passion? With Peter Haubold the time is clear. In the year 1990, to his 18. Birthday and on time for the driver's license, he got a 79er Saab 900 Turbo in green metallic gift. Over the years, he now earned his own money, more 900er came in white, silver and eggplant. It was later followed by the inevitable Saab 900 16S as a cabriolet in black, the cult Swede par excellence. Fantastic!

Saab Facett by Nordlandscale43
Saab Facett by Nordlandscale43

Saab 9000 2.3 Turbo, Saab 900 II Coupe and Saab 9-3 II Sedan followed ... automotive life can be beautiful when it is full of Saabs. At some point, a hobby becomes more than just sympathy for a brand, and you decide to let even more Saab into your life. One or the other then wakes up in the morning and realizes that he has 5 Swedish cars in the garage, or that his model car collection urgently needs expansion space.

Saab Facet
Saab Facet

Peter of course also has the obligatory model car collection, but he has decided that it may be a dose more Saab. Rare Saab models or vehicles that had never made it to the series will be rebuilt with him on the scale 1: 43. Previously realized models include Saab-Lancia 600, Saab Quantum IV and V, Saab Reynard 850, Saab Skip Barber and now the latest creation of the Saab Facett from 1964.

His projects are made of French resin, but also white metal parts are used. The Facett finished model comes in a showcase, it is very detailed. All projects are strictly limited and with certificate, the collector status is guaranteed.

Two years ago we had the unique story of Facett and its rebirth on the blog portrayedYou can follow the development of your 1:43 model on the Nordland Scale Facebook page. The collector's items can be obtained from Peter Haubold, email: or the Saab archive from Wolfgang Schmel via email:

The prices for the strictly limited production are as follows:
Finished model in showcase, white: € 219,00 (only 15 pieces)
Finished model in showcase, red: € 219,00 (only 15 pieces)
Kit, body painted, red: € 99,00 (25 pieces only)
Kit, body painted, white: € 99,00 (25 pieces only)

And what's next for Peter Haubold and his Saab passion? A new homepage for Nordland Scale is under construction and should go online next year. Another Saab project is planned. This time, however, on a scale of 1: 1. A Saab 9-5 II is said to move into his garage. If that's not a Saab spirit ...


Pictures: Nordlandscale

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    Why should I buy a new car every three years? With the loss of value I can burn the money right away. If my own vehicle serves its purpose, I will continue to drive it. I'm not there to support the company. If I am financially bad, they don't say: “The next big inspection is on the house”.

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    Hats off to the Creator. The model looks incredibly good!
    With such a strictly limited edition (all in all just 80 Expl.) The prices are cheap.

    It's just a shame that SAAB enthusiasm has always been expressed in all conceivable forms. Just not about ordering a new car from SAAB every three years. It couldn't be like that ...

    The passion for collecting used vehicles and models or buyers who cherish their “new cars” like their eyeballs for half an eternity are typical for SAAB ...

    And as much as that may also speak for the cars, so much does it run counter to the economic prospects for success of a car brand.

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    The silhouette of the SAAB facet reminds me of certain BRISTOL models - very individual and sporty appearance!

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    Wow, great and individual. As well as the price

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