Economy. Administrators want more advance.

A look back into the past, even if the future may be over. Saab is sold, and with the new owners it will go forward this year. New production hires are announced for August, and a little later the office wing is due to be filled. While we have to wait for good news for a few weeks, lawyers are still working on the legacy of the Spyker era.

The comeback is within reach, but the legacy continues to occupy the lawyers
The comeback is within reach, but the legacy continues to occupy the lawyers

The administrators Anne-Marie Poteaux and Hans Bergqvist yesterday requested a further advance payment from the competent district court for their work amounting to almost 35 million Swedish kroner. Already in November 2012 129 million krones were transferred in advance for work done. This is not usual, because normally the fees are paid only after the end of a procedure. The current requirement relates to work in the case of Saab, from November 2012 to 30. April of this year.

The decision as to whether additional funds will flow is now in Vänersborg. The Saab case is the biggest case in Sweden in recent years and will keep lawyers busy for a long time. At the same time, the press has a critical eye on the administrators involved. Because they earn well with such a comprehensive process. Attorney Anne-Marie Poteaux was able to significantly increase her income through the “Saab Files”. Instead of 1.8 million crowns as in the previous year, it recorded 14.6 million (€ 1.675 million) in private income in the past year. The "Expressen" wrote yesterday. Big procedures bring big income. This is not only the case in Sweden.




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  • As a prospective buyer of the products to be expected under NEVS, one could graciously ignore the high fees if the direction at SAAB was soon in the right direction - only then would the high fees paid have a certain justification in my eyes!

    Even the creditors, who are back in the boat as future suppliers, might even be lucky and would be able to bounce back economically if the direction were to change in the near future.

    Unfortunately, it is still not possible to judge whether the selection process was ultimately crowned with a suitable investor. So it is still very unclear whether the fees are appropriate or not - at least as far as our feeling in this regard is concerned.

  • Yes, bankruptcies can be right, I earn my RIGHT good. Some of the creditors (who in the end pay for it with abandonment and the broken neck) seem like the bare mockery.

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