Swedish legend. Saab 9-3 Viggen on Pikes Peak.

A few days ago it was that time again! The most legendary hill climb in the world started for the 91st time. Newcomer Sébastien Loeb won the race on his Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak. Congratulations to France, but we'd rather fade back to the better Saab times. In 2000, the trolls from Sweden raged up the mountain in Colorado. Per Eklund on his Saab 9-3 Viggen Pikes Peak set a new record in the “Pikes Peak Open” class with 11: 20,580 minutes, which was only improved in 2012.

Per Eklund on Pikes Peak 2001
Per Eklund on Pikes Peak 2001

The Trollspeed tuned Saab 9-3 Viggen with all-wheel drive brought it to 750 Turbo PS from just two liters of displacement, which corresponds to an incredible performance 375 horsepower per liter of displacement. The performance of the machine based on a production engine block was made possible by boost pressure boosted on the 3 Bar. The current Peugeot has, for comparison only, an 3.2 liter engine and 875 PS and thus less than 300 horsepower per liter.

While 13 years ago Eklund fought his way to victory over dusty 1.400 meters, today's drivers have made it easier. The route has been improved over the years, and is paved today from the starting point to the 4301 high summit. Thus, the driven times are not really comparable.

How times have changed can be seen in the class of electric vehicles that blew up the mountain this year. Toyota was there, and the EV P002 made its way to the top in just 10 minutes and 24 seconds. Which is faster than the Saab Turbo more than 10 years ago, but - somehow understandable - caused less enthusiasm among the audience.

An electric car has a serious disadvantage for sporting events. No sound, nothing smells of oil and exhaust. No emotions, just technology and silence! Future or future. Can it be

Give us back the Trollhättan Turbos!

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  • The Americans (please excuse the generalization for a moment) also manage to asphalt everything ... and at 25 mph I babble up the serpentines with my equally red three-liter SAAB turbo in second or third gear, while Toyota Tundra is in front of me and the fully air-conditioned Audi Q7 roll around corners. Anyway: I'll try anyway. 600 miles away from me, I won't miss it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • To the electric car record but you must also mention that since 2012 the track is completely paved. In the year 2000 only the first third was paved. That relativizes the whole thing.

  • Correction: The film was made in 1989, of course. Watching the video first before posting the comment helps… 😉

  • For me as a Now-SAAB driver and longtime Peugeot fan and driver (405 SRI), this is a double valuable contribution. Reminds me strongly of the image film that Peugeot has already shot 1987 (?) With Ari Vatanen.

  • I can only confirm! After 12 years of abstinence from the 900, I came to a well-known Saab Pope in the Cologne area for a workshop appointment. Infected by this sound, I drove home completely hooked and 4 weeks later had a 900 Turbo. The Viggen is still in the garage ...

  • If an electric drive, then please with a “mixed” 900 turbo sound ... so that pedestrians among us can safely participate in road traffic!
    Yesterday I rode my bike past the former SAAB dealer in the region. And despite the background noise on the federal highway, I heard this 900 turbo sound…. A look back gave me certainty: a white convertible was rolling into the workshop. This sound is addicting ...
    Sunny times!

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