SAAB community. Fundraiser for the SAAB Museum - 2013.

SAAB Talk !! It does not matter if at one of the many many meetings we have been to, no matter which FSH one talks to. A short time after the usual questions like how and when you came to SAAB and what the future holds for our long-suffering car brand, you often talk about Trollhättan and the SAAB Museum.

SAAB Talk ...
SAAB Talk with the big guys ...

So again on the penultimate weekend at the resin exit with 12 vehicles. Starting from a SAAB 96 in a really pronounced top condition, over a lovingly restored 99, or a 9000 up to several 9-3 of the most different equipment variants and years of construction. As different as the vehicles are, as different are their owners, we are all concerned about the legacy of SAAB - the Bilmuseum at Åkerssjövägen 18 in Trollhättan.


SAAB Talk to the little ones
SAAB Talk with the little ones…


We had organized a great fundraiser last year. Within the rather short time, 17.000 SEK came together. We both had about the donations - Collection and of course also about their handing over  reported in detail.

Also this year we have planned another fundraiser. A poll here on the blog resulted in overwhelming approval from our readers. 292 votes cast 81% for renewed support from the museum. Actually, our visit to Sweden was announced at the end of September. However, due to current developments and information, we have postponed this date. In the near future we will activate the donation button again. This time it will be possible to support the museum a bit longer. More information coming soon.




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  • Pooh, nice that my “most important” reading is back!
    I was yesterday and the day before yesterday quite tingly without! 😉

  • Strange, after calling up the blog, the last posts no longer come to me - for example about the attempted Chinese SAAB replica from BAIC !?

    If this report got lost for any reason, it wouldn't be too bad - the BAIC vehicles should not be presented in such detail here in the SAAB blog anyway (they should kindly do their advertising in Germany themselves).

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