Blog intern. Server problems.

Due to massive attacks in the last 24 hours, we temporarily removed the blog from the network and, for security reasons, have recently uploaded an older version. We are working intensively on resolving the problems, as not all functionalities have been restored yet. We hope to be able to go online with new articles soon and ask - as always - for patience.


8 thoughts on "Blog intern. Server problems."

  • Moin, what exactly was going on and why do you put an old version live "for security reasons"? You can write me a little e-mail, I have to do “something” here full-time (and not in a small dump) and I'm sure to help you if I can! 😉

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      You have mail.

  • Oh, are you already so afraid of the new SAAB models at Audi? 😉

    Or come the attacks of BAIC?

    • Hard to say. Let's hope it was coincidence

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    Thanks for the information! If this blog is attacked, then NEVS probably wants to turn the big "thing" ... never thought that SAAB-Info would trigger such an attack! I too remain patient!

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    So I'm happy about this message. I had the worst fears ...

    Best regards

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      ... and continue to wait patiently for news from southern Sweden ...

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    No problem, Tom. We are now used to being patient ... and in this case, too, we hope that the following applies: all's well that ends well 🙂

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