Economy. Saab Automobile Parts AB increases profits and sales.

The sales and earnings figures for Saab Automobile Parts AB in Nykoping, Sweden, continue to show a very positive development for the second quarter of 2013. In the first half, sales increased by a hefty 22 percent to MSEK 519 (427) compared to the corresponding period 2012. The development was exceptionally good in Germany and the USA, where the business outlets were able to exceed the sales target and thus achieved an increase in sales compared to the previous year. Operating income increased to 71 million MSEK (59).

Lennart Ståhl, CEO SAAB Parts AB
Lennart Stahl, CEO SAAB Parts AB

There is a continuous focus on expanding the existing customer base, and during the first half of the year contracts were signed with a number of new wholesalers and workshops in the US, Germany, UK and Sweden.

“The effort to expand our customer base is a good prerequisite for continued growth. These efforts will continue in autumn 2013. There is also great interest in being appointed as an authorized Saab service partner or workshop. The ongoing work to expand the customer base means that we can continue to expect good sales of Saab original parts for the Saab vehicle fleet worldwide, ”said Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

In the course of the year, a number of measures were taken to strengthen the competitiveness and potential for growth with the existing branches. Subsidiaries were ultimately established in Finland and Norway. In terms of sales, the company now has independent branches in the ten largest markets. The management has been further strengthened by the recruitment of Fredrik Gyllefjord as CFO and Claes Kalderén as Director Sales & Marketing. Expanding efforts are underway in relation to the marketing of other services, including high-performance and successful logistics services. The result, in the form of two new customer contracts, can already be seen. An expansion of the product range is planned later for the year.

“We are on the upswing, and our partners find that very positive. The interest in our company, among Saab owners, Saab service partners, wholesalers as well as workshops, is extremely high, ”says Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

The Group's goal is to generate sustainable organic growth averaging 6 percent per annum, which is expected to be achieved for the current 2013 financial year.

As an independent subsidiary, Saab Automobile Parts AB remained outside the insolvency proceedings of vehicle manufacturer Saab Automobile AB in Trollhättan. The company in Nyköping continues to provide the global authorized network of 1 200 Distributors and Saab Authorized Repairers in more than 60 countries, which are available to our existing Saab customers with Saab Genuine Parts, Accessories and Technical Support. The company is owned by the Swedish state since December 2012.

Source: Saab Parts AB, Swiss branch


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  • Although I still hope that in a “phase 2” Saab Parts will also start offering something to upgrade. That could be very interesting, after all, customers do not currently need to invest their money in new car purchases. For example, these great clear taillights on the 9-5 BioPower from the Saab Museum: or finally the long-delayed green acrylic cover for the dashboard.

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    I hope that with the spare parts, also applies to models such as 900er and 9000er before 1994? Because there are (as with other brands too) a clientele, even if these vehicles are 20 years and more old.

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      I think you are blind in this eye. The profitable part of the classics / classic cars is still neglected and many parts that were in stock a year ago are now no longer available. SAAB Klassik Parts is more a wish than a reality.

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        Well You can always see everything either positively or negatively ......

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    From this it can be concluded that SAAB car owners value their vehicles and are also willing to invest in spare parts and to keep the car. Beautiful message.

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    A good article for SAAB users! The spare parts remain available. Reassuring!

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    Good news and great that the blog is back! Was already very worried!

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    A few weeks ago there were reports that the new SAAB owner would be inclined to take over the parts division - is there any news from NEVS in this regard?

    • Joachim, the lake is still resting. No new news in this matter.

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