SAAB News. Saab pre-series in Trollhättan.

The signs are optimistic! Swedish print media expect a restart of the Saab plant in Trollhättan, depending on the magazine, in September or October. And the mass of automotive Internet portals are already writing as if new vehicles were rolling out of the factory every minute. Too soon, it is not so far! Everything seems to be developing positively at Saab 2.0, as our view of the fence shows.

SAAB 9-3 pre-series in Trollhattan
SAAB 9-3 pre-series in Trollhattan

Because the first photo evidence that something is really happening has so far been lacking. To this day ... and here is the picture we have been waiting for a long time. Vehicles have appeared on the site of the former test and testing workshop, which can be classified as new cars based on their routing slips on the windows. Since the new owners made the area fairly opaque, and security is humorless anyway, only pictures from the moving vehicle were possible. And our photographer doesn't want to see his name published here either. A wish that we naturally respect.

What we see are some new Saab 9-3 sports suits - an indication that NEVS has already produced the pre-series or is in the middle of the process. If the schedule in the media is correct - and there is a lot to be said for it - then we have the first pictures of the new vehicles from another era in the history of Saab. In addition to the 9-3 sports combinations, there were also limousines on the premises, which can also be classified as new cars.

According to interviews, the 9-3 new edition will only differ in details from the predecessor. A modified hood, which is due to pedestrian protection, a modified radiator grille. In the interior, small changes should make the ambience more valuable. Of course, as always, official confirmation is pending. Everything is reserved for the first press conference for the restart, at which the new COO will also be presented. According to the TTELA interview with Saab 2.0 press spokesman Mikael Östlund, negotiations are taking place with several potential applicants.

Everything in the green at Saab 2.0? At least you're on the right track, and the fever curve is increasing weekly. Swedish Saab dealers, who will join Saab 2.0 as partners, want to know more details. According to their information, the start of production will take place in October, and the first new vehicles will go into customer hands later this year. Happy Sweden! Saab indeed has 9 life. At least!

If that's not good news!



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  • Wow, what perseverance. I am impressed and show interest. Your Mac-Harry

  • I'm still a little skeptical, whether it is the coupes to new pre-production vehicles. Nevs wants / just wanted to build the convertible and the sedan, as they would probably sell best.

    • On the site were (stand) as new convertibles and sedans.

      • Ah, okay, I had skipped that with the limousines in your article. Then maybe I can but soon slaughter my Saab-Sparachwein. Thanks Tom for the great news!

        • I guess the station wagons sell the best. I have the limo and rarely see others ... More like 1. station wagons, 2. convertible, 3. limo

          • I also have a 9-3 sedan and see station wagons and convertibles a lot, but the sedans / convertibles are preferred abroad. Germany is just a combi nation ...

          • I don't know what it's like abroad. But also doubts about it. 😉 I have another picture from Trollhattan of mine, next to me there are 6 '93s. 5x station wagon, 1x lemonade + mine ...

            I think the Kombi-Sales at Saab are far superior to those of the other models, that was the same with the 95er.

    • Great, our favorite brand has good headlines again!

  • Just read the message after reading the article about Saab Parts. I have to say, I almost fell off the chair. I am happy as a little snow king over every little hint. But I want more details, I'm pretty hot on the old new Saabs.
    The worst is unfortunately always the wait 😀 - and then the fact that no 9-5 II SC will be built, but the 9-3. No, it doesn't matter - as long as it's a Saab, the stars are very good for the fact that I'm finally the first family car to buy my first Saab. Only the performance + consumption and the equipment have to be right.

  • Interesting that no one has noticed a delivery of parts and from the suppliers also all dense?!?
    Hopefully not parts used up for some test vehicles by hand?

    For me it would honestly be a sensation if Nevs can throw the tapes on. As a technician, that seems almost impossible to me, especially because some of the software was still from GM ... and actually the competent people are gone ...

    For me actually the most interesting: What engines were there probably built?
    But still from GM or
    As I suspected before 6 months re-imports from China where the license is in a competitor?
    Or Big Bang even from BMW?

    Is there one of the discussions 😉

  • Good news. But where can you buy the new Saabs and at what prices? So far, there is also no configurator. There is a lot to do. And last but not least, no one else knows about it except the readers of this blog.

    • There is no pre-production available and series production will only start in a few months. As Tom always says: patience

  • I'm thrilled, so every Monday should start. Let's hope for a successful start of production with a high-quality product, which also brings good to the man (sorry), of course, to the woman!
    The press will take a close look at this Saab product and keep up with the results !! Let's hope for as many positive messages in the media.

    And you, Tom, thank you for your constant stay at the SAAB event and your always current SAAB NEWS, great work !!!

    Greetings from Thuringia

  • I'll take the first 9³….

  • Today is the last day of my vacation. With such news, I feel like it's the first day! Thanks Tom, that's life again!

  • Makes my first day of work after the holidays beautiful.

  • That sounds really good, we hope that this is really the case and the paragraph then meets the expectations.

    I'm curious whether in a month at the IAA in Frankfurt maybe somehow present. Or Saab at least some news to the press passes. Would be at least class after the idea with the test drive column before 2 years, unfortunately nothing more had become.

  • Great message! Cool, finally something is happening after the long dry spell!

  • Man, man, man - that's awesome and finally takes away my doubts. No matter how long it may take now, security is coming back and my trust in NEVS has grown by 100% today :-). Keep it up!

  • Not that there are hacker attacks on the blog again because you know too much

  • Those are some exciting news! Perhaps the new Saab should have a Phoenix to replace the old Griffin. Like the mythological bird, Saab wants to rise from its ashes!

  • A bang at the end of the summer and a blast for the Monday NEVS! What great news! The focus remains on the 1st press conference and then on the 1st new vehicles from Trollhättan! Then all SAABians have certainty! The anticipation continues to grow! The "shell" is thus known, the engine is still unclear. Or are there new NEWS on this topic ??? Keep it up!

  • wow, did not think that something happened so fast in this direction, let's see if it starts right

  • That would be awesome ...

    No, that's kind of awesome ...

    And very exciting. A real Sweden Crime with
    Goosebumps guaranteed. Looking forward to the sequel and hope
    still on a very, very big happy ending.

    But even if I never have a 9-5 II SC AWD or similar from NEVS
    anyway, I'm still happy about every step that it takes for Saab

    Already new 9-3 II are in the prehistory a real Sensaabtion.

  • Very good start to the week! I would have a question about the changes: do you suppose that the renewed model is based on the Griffin model or the 2008 facelift?
    Best regards,

    • We should start with the Griffin models as a basis.

  • That's good news!
    Now I'm curious when it will be official!

    Perhaps in the distant future there will be a 9.3 IIII Cabrio Aero BioPower XWD ... preferably with the B234 engine 🙂

    • then we are already 2 waiting for this constellation; as long as my MY06 Aero V6 deer convertible remains!

  • Nice …. I am happy that things are moving forward
    This is how the week can begin!

  • Finally, finally, finally! The world looks much happier with the SAAB glasses!

  • It warms your heart. Can not wait for the official announcement.

  • Perfect start to the week!
    Thanks Tom

  • Hello everyone,
    and that for Monday ... .. schöööööön, we stay excited !!

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