SAAB fan shop. Limited editions and more.

We used the summer break to add more new products to our Saab fan shop. That's how it is with the holiday ... The most charming newcomer by far comes from NEO Scale Models and is a Saab 92B. The B-Type was a premiere for Saab, as it was the first car from the small brand from Trollhättan to be exported in small quantities.

Saab 92B
Saab 92B

And a certain, at that time unknown young man, who grew up in the neighborhood of the Saab factory, drove 1955 with the 92B to its first victories. His name is Eric Carlsson. The beginning of a great motorsport career!

Many years later, the Saab 96 appeared on the stage as V4. Model Car World has released a limited version of the 1970 model. Saab collector's pleasure for a small price. Even more new Saab ideas, such as key chains and a new color version of the Saab Sonett II can be found in our shop.

Mark and I have other ideas as to what might be, and we're working on it. An update will come soon.