SAAB News. New service contracts for the Saab partners.

Also from Eschborn, the German branch of the Saab Parts ABGood news. The Saab partners have been receiving mail in recent days, including their new service contracts. This ends a provisional, because the previous basis of cooperation was a temporary contract from the beginning 2012.

Saab service in Saab center Bamberg
Saab service in Saab center Bamberg

The new, open-ended contracts were drawn up in close cooperation with the Saab dealer association. Both sides are correspondingly satisfied, as the new agreement offers the partners long-term security in terms of delivery capability, deadlines, guarantee and prices. In addition, the agreement protects the existing Saab service network, as standards for the award of new service contracts were set in the contract.

Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH as authorized representative of Saab Automobile Parts AB, said: "I would like to express our sincere thanks to the management board and the management of the Saab partner association for the constructive cooperation in the development of the new Saab service contracts pronounce. Convinced that we were able to achieve a very good and expedient result, I would like to see as many active service partners as possible taking the next step into the future with us. "

The Saab service network in Germany consists of 110 active companies, including many traditional Saab partners.

This is good news from the Eschborner Tower. The time of provisional, temporary agreements is over. Saab steers towards the future with a stable customer - partner relationship. Despite the most difficult starting conditions, Hessen is writing a unique success story. Positive for the partners and for us, the fans!


Picture: Saab center Bamberg

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  • "(...) and it was not always repaired immediately."

    I share this (good) experience. However, I did it at Bredlow in Berlin. Your own annoyance about a defect or vehicle damage of any kind is significantly reduced if service partners can make clear diagnoses and proceed analytically ...

    Work and parts are reduced to what is really necessary. The performance is not cheap, but it remains worth the price.

    This cannot always be said of the workshops of other brands and certainly not of the independent discounters (chains such as ATU or Stop + Go). No matter if Saab, VW or something else. In my experience, the bow that one makes around these open-ended “repair” supermarkets cannot be big enough.

    The good service is a good reason to drive Saab.

  • I like to hear that kind of thing, because besides a good car, the service of the workshop is particularly important to me and so far I have only had excellent experiences that are so easy to replicate. Then I'll ask on Friday what exactly the signs are up to - because “New” venture out directly from Z&F and the likelihood of a Saab keeps increasing.

  • On the subject of Saab in Zwickau, I can only say that Zimpel and Franke really the measure
    of things.
    Competent employees who really work hard for Saab and are passionate about it.
    Am now for two years customer and highly satisfied !!!
    Many things were sometimes done and it was not always repaired immediately.
    And all for great prices.

    I hope that soon Saab new cars will find their place there in the future.

    Long live the Aero!

  • Good NEVS outweigh this previous week compared to puzzles carried out in hope! A perfect opening for the week! If the SAAB dealers continue to multiply, the restart should still be possible! Good SAAB's find their drivers! Anyone who has ever ridden in the SAAB knows the difference! (My wife was shocked by the inner workings of the current 3 Series!) Stop being used to SAAB… .I'm happy about this good NEWS!

  • Then I now probably know the reason why the Zimpel & Franke car dealership, which is based in Zwickau (also under), has exchanged its Peugeot advertising signs and stickers for the Saab logo again. I wanted to stop the days and ask how it came about, because with the closure of Saab, the logo of the dealership immediately disappeared.

    I am glad that there are always new positive news to read.

  • Unlimited service contracts are one step, everything else is future music and currently not available. We will have to wait some time.

  • Nice!
    Something is moving ...

  • Can these contracts also be extended for the sale of the new vehicles from Trollhättan - or will new partners for sales (+ service) start here? Perhaps some of the existing service companies are simply too small for NEVS to be successful in sales. This applies to both the spatial capacities and the staffing levels.

  • Land in sight ... but we are patient.
    "Keep calm and carry on"

    Only Cologne has no more Saab service partner, too bad.

  • Nice that finally after the long dry spell finally the good news prevail

  • Good news after another. So the week can go on.

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