Economy. In the future and back to start.

The news of the last few days has been good, but we still need a great deal of patience until the first Saab new vehicles roll to the customers. Two economic news related to Saab's past and Saab's past blew through the press last week. It was about the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), the guarantor for the Saab future, and about Victor Muller. A name from the Saab past.

Muller meets Saab.
Muller meets Saab.

Start-up loss at NEVS, but it continues into the future.

Saab 2.0 owner NEVS has had nearly 14 millions in losses since acquiring the Saab factory. This was reported by the Swedish media, and the comments were interesting. "NEVS continues to invest in the Saab future", Acknowledged Dagens Industri. A magazine that has so far barely found any good words for Saab. Maybe we should say the ugly word "Loss"Delete and through"Initial investment in the future"Replace. Because that's better!

In Trollhättan you are realistic enough to know that you have to invest properly for a few years. The rebuilding of the cult brand becomes the path that demands a long breath. How it works, that shows the view to India. Jaguar - Landrover demanded from the owners there for many years large investments. Now the product range and the numbers are right, the commitment is beginning to pay off. Tata has been 5 years, as long as it has been proven, foresight and perseverance. Saab could be similar.

While the Saab factory on Göta Älv is on the right track, the problems are adding further south. How it does not work, you can see with a look to Holland. There Victor Muller stands - again - in front of empty cash registers.

Loss at Spyker, is there a future?

The only parallel between Spyker and Saab 2.0 is that you did not build a single car in 2013. And even that fact will change soon. While Saab heads for the future under Chinese direction, Spyker, including Chinese on board, is racing towards the abyss.

In the first half of 2013, the Dutch small manufacturer has burned more than 5 million €. While money was invested in Trollhättan in the future, Spyker lost its filled cash register in the trial against GM. Contrary to Victor Muller's story that there are investors who would finance the process, Spyker had to settle the bill in the opportunity-less venture itself.

Now the coffers are empty, again, and the Swedish press sees Muller, like Monopoly, back on takeoff. "Saab was his big chance"Says the Svenska Dagbladet with regret, and probably you are right. Realistic perspectives can not be seen with Spyker. A new financing round with Youngman is already underway, Muller said. Everything else would have disappointed us too. But maybe Muller has also put on the wrong partner with Youngman.

The investment in Spyker is not the only Chinese engagement in Europe. At the end of 2012, Youngman entered the Bavarian bus manufacturer Viseon with 74.9%. A few months later, in April 2013, was already over. The Viseon management remained only the way to the insolvency court. Committed funds from China had failed to materialize, we know that, and Viseon went into bankruptcy. It will be exciting to see how the high-flying announcements are implemented in the Netherlands.

The stock market, it is said, always evaluates the future, not the past of a company. If so, then Spyker is without perspective. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange sees the reconstruction of the sports car manufacturer as finally failed and takes the stock from the market. For months, the paper is worth only cents, which is hard for fans who had stocked up with Spyker stock in hopes of a future with Saab.

The last trading day is, coincidence or not, the 13. September 2013. Victor Muller's birthday.



3 thoughts on "Economy. In the future and back to start."

  • Victor Muller does not seem to be successful at the moment and it will take a good deal of strength to realize his dream of becoming an established car brand.
    Luckily, at the time, GM wanted to liquidate its subsidiary SAAB. He managed to keep SAAB away from liquidation and at least to keep the brand in the automotive sector. He is not the winner, but the person who made it possible that NEVS will succeed in restarting with SAAB.

  • It's really bitter for Victor. I think he chose the wrong partner. Nevertheless, I wish him good luck!

  • This hurts because I also bought those stocks back then to Saab.
    Abes that happens in life.
    But still stand next to Viktor and wish him a lot of courage because for him it will be a much bigger drama.

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