SAAB News. Ready to start production.

Saab owner NEVS is - finally - making a statement, which we can take as confirmation of the good news. Press spokesman Mikael Östlund did not choose the route via a fan blog, but gave the industry magazine “Automotive News Europe” an interview. The work is "practically ready“To start production of the Saab 9-3.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden. We give gas!
National Electric Vehicle Sweden. We give gas!

And he added very carefully that "it is possible to start production later this year". I consciously use the original text here so that you can hear the soft nuances. It has been confirmed that the new edition will be based on the 2011 model. There were no details about the engines, except that gasoline engines with turbo are used. If it goes to Östlund, then the new Saabs will be available in Europe and China. Very, very good news. Germany lies - that is undisputed - in the heart of good, old Europe. Saab replenishment for us is possible!

Only our American friends will have to wait a little longer ...

The good news does not leave. There is more! New models are in the pipeline, based on the Phoenix platform. According to Östlund, 20% of the platform must be modified to remove GM DNA. Although you have neither a schedule, nor have you decided when which model comes, but on the platform both larger and smaller models could be built. A few sentences later Östlund reveals itself. In 2016 they want to build 120.000 vehicles. This makes the schedule a bit more transparent.

The complete interview is available for reading at Automotive News Europe.

It goes ahead, and at NEVS ignites the turbo. Patience is still required, we should still remain calm and wait. But it is already starting to show itself: the SAAB comeback will be the story of the year!


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  • Hi Tom,

    somehow I'm confused, you write that the “New 9-3” is based on the 2011 Griffin model, which was always clear to me, because I thought Muller already had the rights to this design.

    All other press releases, however, say that the 2002 model is the foundation. This would be incomprehensible for me because the rights to the 2002 model of 9-3 to my knowledge went to BAIC, after reading the article at (Saab resurrection with question marks) but I do not know what to think.

    Most messages are allegedly based on a DPA message, although I can not imagine that the DPA makes such a mistake. Or has everyone again written off from the other without questioning the message?

    Can you bring some light into the darkness?

    Thank you and best regards


    • BAIC does not have exclusive rights, and NEVS seems to enjoy Beijing's goodwill. Without that, sales in China would not be possible and according to the plan, which was published in the Swedish press a few months ago, two-thirds of production is to go to China. The rights to the current design are also at NEVS and were acquired last year by the new owners with the work and everything that goes with it. Hope this helps.

  • The main thing is that Saab can be successful in China first and then in the US / Canada, as they are known to be 2 of the largest vehicle markets and would of course help Saab get stronger legs for the race.
    Sales in the European car market will probably not be that great, because Saab has its fans, but probably in Germany / France / Czech Republic / Spain / Great Britain other car manufacturers have a home advantage.

    What you wrote about the engines just scared me a little bit. Because according to your statement it sounds as if only charged petrol used (which the sales in Germany / Europe would not be particularly beneficial). But if you read through the original text again, the whole thing looks a bit different.

    "He did not disclose engine details except to say that the gasoline version would be turbocharged."

    For me, that means that he didn't reveal anything except that the gasoline engines are turbocharged. That is a “specialty” with gasoline engines that is not worth mentioning with diesels. So diesel engines cannot be ruled out categorically. So there will probably (and hopefully) not only be offered turbo gasoline engines, but also a diesel.

  • If at least a part of the 900er drivers would finally resort to the new SAAB, this would be an advantage. Clearly.

    But it would also be of great advantage if the NEVS public relations workers would sound the alarm in the relevant editorial offices and suggest a correction in the event of false press releases (... the new vehicles are based on the 2002 model).

    Because only in the case of objective and correct press releases do prospective buyers turn to the planned new models - not when it is said that the models are over 10 years old and have been slightly refreshed. This rather scares off prospective customers - but is certainly also wanted by some writers and makes such “articles” useful.

  • I already like that you have chosen a “serious” publication that also has weight in the industry. Apparently the press department has slowly got used to it ...

  • I just hope that the “card core”, the people who have been here on the blog for the last few years and who have been whining the loudest, so all the warm 99 and 900 dreamers, scrape together their euros and get a NEW 9-3 or when they are available again ... where I have my doubts.

    • … ..And I hope that dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, yens, etc, etc will also be added….

  • In order for NEVS to end the turbo, the basic boost pressure would have to be built up first - and I don't feel that yet.
    Apart from the starter, nothing seems to have started up, which can move more permanently.

  • Are there any efforts to get Hirsch on board? The question is probably asked too early ... but you can give it a try

    • Of course, there is not anything official at this time. I assume, however, that Hirsch is still on the boat. Saab without deer would be much less fun and unthinkable!

  • A trade fair appearance with the 9-3 III in the next year or the year after next would of course be much more impressive - but the idea of ​​the performance team this year also has something!

  • The anticipation is rising and somehow it's all so cool, not unbearable. Waiting for a hot SAAB autumn

  • Wait patiently and keep calm…. WE are true European champions ... I am very excited. Thanks Tom for the cool info.

  • That all sounds too good after all the waiting ...

    If now the advertising drums stirred and the people is conveyed that the built vehicles are not old (the 9-3 BJ 2011 is different worlds from that of 2002) then it could work.

    It would be great to make an appearance at the IAA. Since it would be very short term it would be very difficult to shape. But if there would be room for a few performances of the SAAB Performance Team? I think better you can not show how good a SAAB is !!! For such a spectacle is a great place such as the Maritim at the exhibition center in Frankfurt. That would have the advantage that not only fair visitors could see the show.

    I would definitely go there for that !!!

    • An appearance at the IAA would be really great, but I suspect that in Sweden (unfortunately) has planned nothing.

  • Hi Tom,
    I do not want to be fussy, but your first sentences are not quite right.

    "Press spokesman Mikael Östlund did not choose to go through a fan blog, but gave an interview to the industry magazine" Automotive News Europe "."

    NEVS has, as far as I can speak, never deliberately wanted to use a fan blog as a speaker, unfortunately the press showed no interest in NEVS / SAAB. Maybe some articles in fan blogs have awakened the press, and last week it was thought that NEVS could ask how far they would be.

    In that sense, let's keep writing about SAAB, and if the mainstream press wants to do it, so much the better. 🙂

    • Hello RedJ,

      Does it actually have a deeper reason that you do not comment on the latest reports?

      • No,
        but we already talked about it almost two weeks ago. The posts of Tim are there. If there is news, we will also report it.

  • Excellent! And now some official pictures of working people in the line and / or the pre-production models.

    The picture of the model "001" was burned a few years ago ...

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