SAAB notes. Long-lasting Saab 9-5 and Speedparts.

Saab has always had a reputation for building durable cars. Sometimes press and fans doubted that, but in retrospect this was unfair. An example is the Saab 9000, the long-term car par excellence, which is indestructible with appropriate care. But what about the successor? The Saab 9-5 is said to carry suspiciously many GM genes in itself, how does that affect the durability?

Saab 9-5 sports suit, Scandinavian elegance
Saab 9-5 sports suit, Scandinavian elegance

An incorruptible indication beyond all marketing poetry is the biennial main inspection at the surveillance companies. Here facts alone count. Among the older vehicles with high mileage, the Saab 9-5, built since 1997 to 2010, performs above average. Auto-Motor-Sport magazine published the following data for the Saab 9-5: Mileage 100.000 to 150.000 km - 56,4% without defects; Mileage 150.000 to 200.000 km - 44,9% without defects.

As a comparison, one could use the Mercedes E-Class. It doesn't look as good there as it does with our Swedes. With a mileage of 100.000 to 150.000 km only 43,2% are without defects, with a mileage between 150.000 and 200.000 km - only 34,4% are without defects. And the great Japanese don't do that brilliantly either. Take the Honda Accord, for example. Here with a mileage of 100.000 to 150.000 km - 45,7% are without defects; Mileage 150.000 to 200.000 km - 36,6% without defects. The Audi A6 and BMW 5 series also do worse than the Swede.

Why is it? Of course, Saab has always placed a certain value on building robust, durable vehicles. Which, to be honest, is only one side. Many fans maintain their Saab 9-5, the first copies are now more than 15 years old, with a lot of dedication. They invest quite a bit of money every year in maintaining it, which the drivers of a Honda, Mazda or an old E-Class probably wouldn't. A Saab is just "more than a car“Like the campaign of the Saab Parts AB months ago correctly determined. For some, a Saab is a kind of family member to take care of, and Saab benefits from fans' brand loyalty. This is reflected in the statistics.

Package from Speedparts
Package from Speedparts

Speed ​​Parts!

In the neighborhood of Trollhättan is Uddevalla, formerly also production site of the auto industry. Until a few weeks ago, Volvo had a small assembly plant there, which was now closed. Also in Uddevalla is speed Parts At home, a Saab specialist who has a lot of interesting accessories on offer. Including things that are only there.

All the more annoying that it is with the delivery to Germany not work properly wanted. Fans organized via detours and Swedish contacts the shipment to Germany, this was not optimal. But things change and sometimes everything gets better. Incredible, but true, for some months, orders and delivery at Speedparts run really well. Customer service, communication and delivery speed are right, and in the meantime, order number three from Sweden is on the way to the Bavarian city of Untermain.

Of course we test what we buy. We started with the strut bar for the Saab 9000.

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    I'm glad that here again the 9-5 of the first generation is mentioned. Our Saab should actually be a Volvo station wagon (hopefully I will not be verbally stoned to write something like that to the Saab freaks), but there was nothing back then that promised us. Our blue 9-5 Vector sportswear, BJ 2002, has the small 150 PS engine and we bought it with 4 km on the clock nearly 147000 years ago. Meanwhile, we arrived at 190000 km. The car had a decent checkbook. And yet we have had a few expensive repairs. And let's be honest: the spare parts at Saab are completely overpriced. We had BMW before, that was much cheaper.
    But something has this car. When this year, an oil leak occurred in an inaccessible place, we were faced with the decision to let the engine lift and re-seal, while the chain set to renew and a total of 3000 Euro for the whole operation hinzublättern (in addition, then came an 1000er for a new one Turbocharger and the elimination of oil sludge) or the car for sale.
    I went through some recent family carriage tests and after that I was convinced that I would not get an approachable good car for 4000, -. Meanwhile, our Saab with the revised engine with us to England and back drove, without problems. The long-track quality is already impressive. I would like to drive it for a while.
    I think that the majority of Saab fans are so crazy and maintain their 9-5 well and wait only in the workshop. The good performance of the 9-5 in this comparison is certainly due to this.

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    Had ordered a set of rims there in spring. Ordered Sunday afternoon and Wednesday, the packages were at the door. Top!!!

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    Our experiences with the 9-5 SC are broadly in line with the notifications of the test centers.

    The car now has almost 250.000 km on the clock and there have been no serious or expensive visits to the workshop - the only defect that is a bit annoying and which will be a bit more expensive to fix is ​​the high beam that is no longer working.
    Here, the contacts in the inaccessible fuse box (engine compartment) for both sides in recent months have passed shortly after each other.

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    It's amazing how good the vehicles are even in "old age". I have just looked at the AMS picture gallery again. No other vehicle can hold a candle to the 9-5 in terms of defects - except perhaps the SLK.

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    Wait, unfortunately, since the 27.05. on my order, by mail unfortunately no answer.
    Is nothing important, but it is annoying.

    In May it should still be delivered via K + K.

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      Just call Stefan Karpinski, the phone number. is 0 50 32 - 939 901.
      K + K is the German negotiator for speed parts. That will be cleared up quickly and will be dealt with. "Man" has to speak ...

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    Order via Speedparts works now (directly or via German distributor)?
    That would be great, of course!

    Such a strut brace really influences the driving behavior very positively.
    I was able to find that out with my 9-5 SC (got one from a "well-known German manufacturer" new at a reasonable price) - I wouldn't want to miss it anymore!

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      Works very well, directly from Sweden. Ordered on the Internet on Sunday, the package is sent via UPS today. Good or

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        Very good!
        ... if only you had been like that last year ... 😉

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