SAAB News. Mattias Bergman Vice President at NEVS.

Mattias Bergman, previously Business Development Manager at National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), is today the executive vice president of the company. This was announced by NEVS in a press release this afternoon. However, Bergman is not the actually intended candidate, as the local newspaper in Trollhättan reported in the evening.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden.
National Electric Vehicle Sweden.

Bergman is thus a temporary solution until a permanent applicant is found. NEVS press spokesman Mikael Östlund confirmed to TTELA that “... the desired candidate has canceled for personal reasons”. The search continues, not just for a Vice President or rather COO, but also for a head of marketing. Nevertheless, production should start in the fall.

No big name, no surprise, no liberation! For Saab 2.0, owners NEVS more of a setback, but the hope was there to present a name from the automotive industry, which leads the company into the future permanently. Not an easy task, both the search and the job. As long as the bands are standing, the task remains difficult. The car world is now looking very closely to Trollhattan and the bets are on. And already in the last days first critical articles have appeared in the local press.

NEVS has to deliver - and soon. It's about credibility. In Trollhättan, with friends who belong to the Saab 2.0 environment, you can be sure that something positive will soon happen.

I do it as usual: wait and stay calm. Run the tapes, then the trust grows. Then it works with the desired candidate.



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    I don't think people are important at the moment, the 9-3 is an old car and can only be sold with a modern engine. These negotiations are already underway and a new boss has no influence.

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    Makes a good impression when your own press officer dismantles the solution found ...

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