SAAB News. Bergman: Soon 500 employee at NEVS.

Mattias Bergman
Mattias Bergman

After his appointment as executive vice president, Mattias Bergman spoke to the local newspaper about the future of Saab 2.0. NEVS now has over 300 employees, including 150 workers. The number is rising steadily and is close to 350, and especially the number of “blue collars” has increased since the summer break. There are also 100 consultants in the company.

The first birthday of NEVS is celebrated now not with coffee and cake in the press center, but in the production halls, so Bergman. Sounds good and combative. Translated means, it gets serious. We want to start, he says, in the fall, but please do not imagine that this is complete production. The word “full-scale production” that Bergman uses in relation to TTELA is not easy to interpret. NEVS will probably not start with all Saab 9-3 variants, the press had reported this several times, and production was ramping up very slowly. First - that would be the normal way - a small pilot team could start production. In the second step, this will be ramped up with more employees.

Suppliers are ready to supply the components needed for production. 99% of the parts are in their availability. Bergman sees the emphasis as COO in the following points, for which he has secured the support of the board:

- Start production of the Saab 9-3.

- Establish the distribution of the products that Saab 2.0 produces.

- To push product development further.

And finally, to make Saab again a car maker with a complete organization. We like to hear that. There is still the matter with the COO, who has canceled. Today it was again emphasized to the press that it was personal reasons of the applicant and it has nothing to do with the company itself.


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10 thoughts on "SAAB News. Bergman: Soon 500 employee at NEVS."

  • Production start ??
    It was called in early autumn.
    We have autumn beginning and so far nobody is informed about the state of production.
    It will also be very interesting with E-parts prices, because saab driver is fun again.
    There are surcharges that have washed.

  • What makes me think about the whole story is the fact that not a single so-called dealer has received an official invitation from Saab. I doubt very much that NEVS can keep many partners happy with this policy. Many retailers are providing their customers and Saab lovers with empty statements coming from the official Saab site.
    If NEVS really cares, invite all of your Saab dealers to Trollhättan to show what's going on. As it is now they will have no chance in the market. Unfortunately the next death of Saab is already programmed.

    • It was already called BMW.

  • How many cars are produced a day is unimportant. The main thing is first go and smoke the chimneys. Even if it's just 5 a day, it's 5 more like a year ago. A COO will find itself when it starts again.

    • Since you bring the matter to the point. Of course it would have been nice to win a COO with known names for NEVS. But that's not a broken leg, I think. More importantly, NEVS will start production in the near future, that's what matters.

      • There is a name that interests me much more burning, that of the engine supplier.

        • Yes, everybody wants to know that 😉

  • After all, it continues in the right direction, so to speak, confirmed by the official side. Small ailments are there again and again, the main course is held.

  • Perhaps you also have a “reserve” candidate for the position of COO, who will be scrutinized a little more by the board and will soon take the stage - we should actually assume that you didn't just focus on one person .

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