Hamburg City Park Revival. Saab 96 Rally (Update).

Yesterday, the Saab 96 V4 was finished for Simo Lampinen. The countdown for the Hamburg City Park Revival runs, the pulse rate goes up. The Saab team from Nico Gasparatos is doing well. Preparations continue today. The Saab 96 in rally outfit - with its new machine and polished to a high gloss - is now in the showroom.

Saab 96 rally for Simo Lampinen
Saab 96 rally for Simo Lampinen

The name of the driver is now on the rear side window. Everyone should know who is flying past the Saab next weekend. Simo Lampinen will join today Gasparatos automobiles expected, and it follows to vote the usual seat fitting. And then it starts. Test drive with the 96 is announced.

Saab 96 Rally
Saab 96 Rally

You can book Workshop Images from yesterday compared with the current photos, you will notice a small detail of what has been changed. The lettering “Sweden” on the roof was exchanged for “SAAB”. Because Simo Lampinen, as is known, is Finnish. "We do everything to make him feel comfortable in our car ...”Said Nico Gaspartos. With a wink 🙂


Images: Gasparatos automobiles

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  • Great project! I find tip that shows SAAB flag!

  • Yes, he has to - and probably he also wants to 😉 I think that's called species-appropriate husbandry.

  • The car looks great! Does he really have to go to the racetrack ???

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