SAAB press. Saab comeback in the car engine sports.

Saab has finally made it into the auto-motor sport. She had a conversation with new executive vice president Mattias Bergman. This one seems to keep his promise and, as announced, brings a bit more life to the topic. Saab is about to make a comeback and Saab will bring an electric car, so the short text.

Saab comeback in the AMS
Saab comeback in the AMS

Nothing we do not already know, but the Auto Motor Sport is an established magazine and it's nice for the brand to take notice of what's happening in the North.

The story with the “old 9-3” is nice. A topic that inevitably also takes up the AMS. When asked what chances you want to have with such an old model, Bergman answers with some charm. The main market for NEVS is China, where the Saab 9-3 has not yet been represented. So it is a completely new product for China. A good counterattack. I like it.

The complete article, which is quite compact, can be viewed online at Auto-Motor-Sport read.


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