Saab Community. Saabhuy 2013.

Actually, the season ends with the month of October. Vehicles with season labels hibernate for 4 or 5 months and are safe from snow and ice. Actually ! For Saab fans, the season is extended this year. Our Belgian Saab friends of Saablog-in and from the Belgian Saab Club invite us to Wallonia in November.

Saabhuy 2013, Saab Meeting
Saabhuy 2013, Saab Meeting

The small town Huy is venue for the 3. European Saab Meeting. The meeting starts on Saturday, November 9th with a dinner for the participants. Please book in good time, because a maximum of 100 people are planned. On Sunday the historic old town of Huy will be all about gripping. “Saab parking only” is hot.

The fans have the choice in the afternoon to take part in an excursion that leads 45 kilometers through the romantic surroundings, grazing three castles and crossing a ford on the program. Or they can take a more leisurely stroll, enjoy the old town, good Belgian beer and a chat with Saab friends. In the evening a dinner together is possible, also here a previous registration is necessary.

More information will follow on the page of Saabhuy2013, which receives updates again and again, and we will report regularly. 2013 was or is a year full of Saab events. On some weekends you were spoiled for choice and a difficult decision to make. The cult brand from Trollhättan is livelier than ever in Europe. I don't need to tell you that other brands - with an ongoing supply of new cars - dream of such conditions.

In October there will be the Saab gathering in the Bavarian Forest, which Matthias Ketterl is organizing with a lot of passion for the second time. We can then celebrate the end of a great Saab season together in Belgium. Huy in November? A delightful idea! Mark and I are already working on getting the schedule for “Saabhuy2013” ​​free.