Hamburg city park revival. "..And that really pushes".

The traditionalists among the readers shouldn't blame me! As much as I like the Saab 96, Saab is primarily a turbo for me. Which may be because I grew up with turbo Saabs, because the local Saab dealer was around the corner from me. With three vehicles and a prominent former factory driver, Saab will be on the 12. Hamburg City Park Revival be represented.

Let's go to the test drive: Saab 900 by Nico Gasparatos
Let's go to the test drive: Saab 900 by Nico Gasparatos

The Saab fleet consists of a Saab 96 driven by former Saab rally driver Simo Lampinen, a Saab 99 rallye and a Group A Saab 900 Turbo piloted by Nico Gasparatos. The silver Saab has now, not only among Saab fans, achieved a certain prominence. The preparations for the cars are completed and the weekend is finally here.

The Saab flags will be in front of the Rallye Mobil from Gasparatos automobiles blow ... time for a final check and a short trip with the Saab 900. The short film says more than 1000 words. As Nico said, “… and that really pushes”. So it is, the turbo really makes steam.

The weather in Hamburg should be good, at least on Saturday, and the temperature forecast seems to be well-intentioned. Turbo weather is announced. Nico Gasparatos and his team are looking forward to seeing the Saab fans, goose bumps and Saab rally feeling is announced. Saab is fun!

For all, who like me can not go to Hamburg, we deliver Saab pictures of the Stadtpark Revival.


Image & Video: Gasparatos Automobile


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  • The city park revival was great. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the event on Sunday. Still, I was able to see the 96 and the 99 at work. Unfortunately, the 96 got a stone from the front man on the windshield in the second round and had to leave the track with a destroyed windshield. But it was great to see the car driving, if only for a short time.

  • Whether 96 or 900 I Turbo - both great cars! That's why I also drive a 900 I Turbo Cabrio and my 93er RängTängTäng from 1957, which yesterday passed the TÜV as usual without any defects. Have fun in HH, would have loved to have been there ...

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