Vehicle safety. Accident with the Saab 9-5.

Again and again, the blog team gets emailed by readers accident pictures. Some with a request not to publish them and others we do not want to publish because the background tragedy is too serious. In the case of Maik, who had an accident with his Saab 9-5, things are so that we decided to publish. Because his pictures show very impressively the safety of the Saab 9-5 in the normal everyday life.

Saab 9-5 from Maik after the accident
Saab 9-5 from Maik after the accident

Saab already had a focus on occupant safety when other brands weren't even thinking about it. Or did not want to deal with it because the legal provisions did not require it. The Saab 9000 is a prominent example of this. His very likeable Italian Tipo4 brothers - Alfa 164, Lancia Thema and Fiat Croma - have no side impact protection. The law in Europe did not require it, and the US market was of no interest. So you waived it. Unimaginable for Saab.

The importance of side impact protection is demonstrated by the pictures of Maik and his report:

I was traveling on a main street in town. But an elderly lady said to take the right of way on a crossroads to the business park, and is simply in the side with about 20 km / h drove into my Saab. She did not see me coming because the intersection is in a curve. Therefore, she did not look to the right and drove straight over the main road.
Your Peugeot 206 is a total loss, the whole front is broken. My Saab 9-5 was hit on the fender driver's side which pushed itself to the driver's side. My Saab is still ready to drive despite the heavy impact, except the driver's door because the frame has warped from the A-pillar and so my car is also a total loss. But I was allowed to drive my car to the 10km-wide trust workshop. All participants were unhurt.
That speaks again for Saab despite the impact, my Saab is still fit for driving what even the police surprised. Quote policeman: "That speaks again for Swedish cars, they can even drive even"

This gives us a Saab less on our roads, but the Saab has accomplished its mission. He saved his driver from injury or worse. He was conceived and built for that. That's why every day is a good feeling to know his family with a Saab on the way.

And Maik? Does a time without Saab begin for him now? No, because he has some backups in the garage. A Saab 900, which is only waiting for approval and will comfort at least a little bit about the loss. Have fun with it and always accident-free ride wishes the team from the blog!


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    How safe our SAAB vehicles are is not really a matter of dispute, then even the British royal family trusted in the drive to St. Mary's Hospital to deliver the son of Duchess Kate and Prince William to a SAAB 9-5 Aero. If that is not a proof, then what!?!

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    Hi maik

    Sincere condolences to your loss.
    The whole thing resembles my story just over a year ago.
    A loss of approx. 14000 Euro was counteracted by a replacement value of 5100 Euro.
    The only because the reviewer went to the knees (with enthusiasm) whether the condition of my 9 / 5er BJ 2000
    Good and important, however, is that no one was injured.
    But we never had any doubts, with our SAAB's.
    Greetings GALLIX

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    In the meantime, the report has come from the Saab 9-5. Economic total loss (€ 9000 repair costs against € 3600 replacement value). But the A-pillar is not compressed and what surprised me even more is that the drive axle and suspension have not suffered either. That means just a new bonnet, fenders and driver's door and off we go. But it's just not worth it anymore.
    And the old 900 MY92 drives so nicely 😉 and hopefully this week I'll get the TÜV that I do not have to drive Toyota rental cars anymore.

    MfG Maik

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    A stressed lady tried her Corsa on my 9000i-2,3 von 89. I saw her coming from behind, but could no longer escape - unrestrained with about 60 up behind, a huge bang. When I got out the front of the Corsa was flat (as if it hit a concrete block) and the lady's head had left a broken spider in the window despite the belt. On the 9000, the exhaust was kinked and there were broken glass in the bumper. It was compressed, of course, but no obvious sheet metal damage. When the police appeared, one officer asked: "Where is the second accident car?"

    The 9000 was judged and I continued driving it for three years ...

    I think that anyone who had the dubious pleasure of witnessing an accident in a SAAB of the last 25 years is convinced of the safety concept of the Swedes.
    But it's still a pity about Maik's 9-5.

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    As the driver and owner of an “old” 900 MY88, I'll give you this: In 1992, someone drove his Audi Coupe GT at 100 km / h (yes, at 100, I didn't make a mistake) frontal left on my standing! Saab 900 ...
    I got out shocked, but only broken 3 fingers! My total loss, but also the Audi. The Audi battery flew 50m through the air, the engine was torn from its anchoring and lay on the street. The driver had to go to the hospital later (not just for a blood test) ...
    Something else from the other Swedish manufacturer: In 1995 I drove one of the old 740s from Volvo as a sedan. On the way to work, a Renault 19 drove past my front in Dietzenbach in the south of Hesse, at a junction with the main road there, because it was driving too fast and I couldn't see it coming from the left despite a mirror on the other side of the street. On the R19 the entire side was over (as I later found out about 3000 DM damage) and on my Volvo? The license plate was scratched and I had to change it later, the bumper (self-repairing) was back to how it used to be after 5 minutes ... Lol ...

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    The 9-5 I already performs very well in the ncap crash test - but there is still a slight increase in the 9-5 II: In the so-called pole test, in which the vehicle is pressed against a massive pillar at the side, it shows 9-5 II, how stable and safe a modern SAAB is - really, very impressive (it's worth watching the video)!

    Hopefully the Chinese in Trollhättan will remain true to this philosophy - it is said that Chinese drivers now also place great value on very safe vehicles.

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    “A backup in the garage” - that's a nice phrase 🙂
    Now I can argue much better with my wife, if I can not resist again and bring another SAAB

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      Tom, great phrase. Like that . I need more "garage" for the "backups" beforehand.

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        “Backups” always work very well for me, but it's also a question of a garage or a barn 😉

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        Well Christoph, the thing with the garages and hangars has only one disadvantage. You get it filled so fast. 😉

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    Well, you can really say everything has gone off smoothly again luckily only sheet metal. But the stability of our Saabs is already impressive.

    2005 pushed me in a 9-3II limousine in Malmö a Scania semi-trailer from behind (even so with about 20 to 30 km / h). Conclusion bumper, boot lid and bottom plate deformed. Inmates all unhurt.
    The Scania had hit my bumper so precisely that not even the taillights were affected, I could still drive home from Malmö to southern Germany. Damage then rd. 9 kEUR.
    The comment from the truck driver (a Dutchman) was the best. "They build stable cars, the Swedes!"

    This experience was crucial for me 4 years later to buy a Saab again.

    Greeting Ded

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