SAAB community. Meeting for Swedish automobiles.

Hamburger Saab and Volvo fans have an appointment this weekend. The meeting point, the historic petrol station at Billhorner Röhrendamm, has long since gained supraregional recognition. Ingestion of fuel was a style thing in those days, in the 50 years. A gas station attendant was then ready, and it was much more than the usual fast run today with a coke, a snack and some gasoline in the tank.

Historic gas station Billhorner Roehrendamm
Historic gas station Billhorner Roehrendamm

Even in my homeland, they still exist, the old dispensers, with their typical architecture. However, the survivors in my region are no longer working and fulfilling other purposes. On the other hand, Brandshof's refueling station in Hamburg, which today serves as a photo opportunity and meeting place for fans of old and new timers, has brought a new life to life.

The Hamburg friends of Saab and Volvo automobiles and those from the surrounding area will meet on September 15.09th at the Gas station from the year 1953. From 11.00 watch, anyone with a passion for Swedish cars is welcome.


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    I was there. My car was a bit modern compared to the others.

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