Presentation Paris 2008. The Saab 9x Air Concept.

It's IAA time again. Only, I don't feel like going to the fair. Although Frankfurt is on my doorstep. Another IAA without Saab, that's boring. And somehow, as a good friend said, you feel homeless. Okay, the other Swedish brand from Gothenburg shows a study that is worth a look. So maybe it is? Let's see ... Out of nostalgia, today we take a look back at better Saab days.

Saab 9x Air Concept Paris 2008
Saab 9x Air Concept Paris 2008

Recent years of GM direction have been accompanied by exciting studies. There was the Saab Aero X, probably the most beautiful sports car concept from Sweden. Designed 2006 by Anthony Lo. Two years later, at the Paris Motor Show 2008, came the Saab 9-X Air. Closer to reality than the Aero X and a reinterpretation of the Saab convertible.

The design was - let's say it openly - devilishly good! So good that it still looks delicious today. Actually, he could be at the IAA now and would still be futuristic. Some design elements were subsequently realized for the Saab 9-5 II and the 9-4x. For example, there would be the continuous light bar or the illuminated door sills.

The technology under the attractive body would still be in vogue today. A small 1.4 liter turbo engine, fueled with E85 as BioPower, and 200 hp would have provided propulsion. Supported by an electric motor, lithium-ion batteries and an automatic start-stop system, CO2 emissions would have been just 107 grams per kilometer. But these were all just dreams!

Now, a few years away, the studies can be seen for what they are. Originally, they were supposed to represent a great future for the brand. In reality, they are symbols of broken promises. Because neither the Aero X nor the 9x Air went into series production.

Both are now in the Saab Museum Trollhättan, and they are still beautiful. Designer Anthony Lo will not be happy that so few of his ideas found their way into the show. 2010 he took his papers at GM Europe and switched to Renault.


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14 thoughts on "Presentation Paris 2008. The Saab 9x Air Concept."

  • Why not stay with the Swedes? Would not Volvo be an alternative (just in case there are no more cars from SAAB) ??

  • I'm back Tuesday.
    I got a little overview today, more interesting than the cars are the discussions with the manufacturers.
    Especially from Land Rover there was clear positive feedback.
    As a Saab driver, you probably have to stretch your feelers towards England / India.

  • The question is really why I should go almost 200 kilometers towards Frankfurt. Currently the cars that I want to have are all already built :-). What comes in a year or two from Sweden, I'm surprised.

  • I would have bought almost every last study right away. On my last museum visit, the designs still looked fresh to me.
    I will not drive to the IAA this year after many years. This year, nothing draws me.

  • Yes it is. No provider currently has anything on offer where it would really “click”. Nevertheless, Marco and I will visit the IAA on Tuesday, it's only a 30-minute drive away. We will report ...

  • OWL if the IAA were not 7 minutes away from me I would probably not go.
    Since 14 years I go to the IAA every 2 years and this year it is the first time that I am not interested in anything. Sure, Volvo has a nice concept vehicle, but ready for production is not, so for me not relevant. Only the Evoque convertible I find exciting, but rather as a second car for the woman as a replacement Saab.

  • Tom, I'm fine, too. It's not just the abstinence of Saab, which in itself would be motivational enough, it is also the lack of real highlights of the competitors. Also, I will save me this year, the arrival from the north, because at the IAA no vehicle (new) will be presented, which would be for me as a replacement for one of my Saabs in question.

  • The IAA 2011 was far worse for us than the current one.
    Since the fair appearance was so canceled only at the last minute for Saab I had to pay then 50000 € penalty. From the Volvo stand one looked then sadly over on the empty areas where Saab actually should be. Unforgettable remains the IAA 2009, because I sat for a good hour in the 9-5II and knew: This will be my new!
    This is now all history, now only the view to the front helps!

  • Mike, you are right and again not ;-). The Renault Wind was made before the time of Anthony Lo at Renault, but the Nissan is clearly a Lo product and Saab inspired.

  • ... the chinese couldn't have copied that better ... especially the nissan - that's extreme!

  • Concerning. of the Aero-X + 9-X Air and the designer ... Take a look at the Renault Wind and the Nissan Esflow, each from the side ...

  • That's right, the 9-X Air is really a beautiful car. I stood in front of it again this year at the Saab Museum. I think it would sell “like sliced ​​bread”. Is a beautifully compact convertible in a modern but timeless design. Would be an interesting contrast to the A3 convertible at the IAA. Who would attract more admirers to his side ??? (Probably the “old” design from Saab !!!).

    If NEVS could transfer this concept to the Phoenix platform and bring the 93 successor in this way, that would be a dream.

    Greeting Ded

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