Collectible. Saab 92001 Roadster “Last Run”.

Legends never die, as you know. But sometimes it's time to say goodbye. The Saab 92001 Roadster, sometimes referred to as Saab Bobbycar, goes back to the design of the Ursaabs of Sixten Sason. 2003 was reinterpreted by Ulf Hanses and has since been produced with and without the Saab logo. Again and again there were special series, which today are sought-after collectibles and are traded expensive.

Saab 92001 Roadster "Last Run"
Saab 92001 Roadster "Last Run"

In Swedish Kalmar, a piece of design history is now coming to an end. The last roadsters were produced, a new edition will probably no longer exist. Certainly it is the last Saab 92001 with the Saab Signet, consisting of the griffin and the Saab lettering on a blue background. Whether the Roadster, perhaps with the new brand logo of NEVS, will experience a new production, is also in the stars. If the new owners are interested in Saab history, then maybe it would be an option.

One more reason for Playsam to produce a farewell series. The Swedes call the last edition "Roadster de Luxe", we speak of the "Last Run", which is reminiscent of the last examples of the Saab 900 Turbo. The special edition with a wood-leather steering wheel with Saab logo and a leather bench seat is limited to 50 copies worldwide. This makes the 92001 definitely a collector's item and not a toy for the next generation.

Saab Roadster "de Luxe" leather bench
Saab Roadster “de Luxe” leather bench

For the special edition as for the normal roadster, which still exists, it is the last batch that is available. Just like the meanwhile sold-out model of the Ursaab, which was also produced by Playsam, there will be no new edition without a commission from Trollhättan. We have secured some roadsters for the 50 limited edition edition of the XNUMX limited edition and are offering them at the Saab fan shop. Ideal as an exclusive gift idea for Christmas and for the true fan to give yourself.


Pictures: Playsam