SAAB News. New Saab model from NEVS.

The rumor mill has been seething for days and today the newspapers are reporting it from Gothenburg to Stockholm. NEVS is ready to launch its first new model, a facelifted version of the Saab 9-3. It will not be a vehicle with an electric motor, promises Mattias Bergman of NEVS.

Whether the time is well chosen, the automotive world looks at the most important show of the year to Frankfurt, you could think about it now.

Could. But does not have to. It's exciting enough what happens in Trollhättan. Let's wait.


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  • I was at the IAA and I have to say the blast did not exist there. Only BMW was traveling with his i3 and thus showed where the journey can go.

    Even the sister brand from Sweden could not land with me. The new face does not look harmonious on me and the study could not convince

    But otherwise ... nothing could be seen of the universally announced networking of the car. Only Opel showed something that could go in this direction, but strongly reminded me of the SAAB IQon car infotainment concept.

    If Saab really should bring the bang after the IAA the concept could work, it would be to wish !!!

  • Three-point plan for NEVS:
    1. Demonstrate!
    2. Say when and where we can buy!
    3. Announce prices!
    That's it

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    I don't care about the date, the main thing is that the car is presented. I'm waiting……..:-(

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    Well. Maybe NEVS has to transfer before Apple's marketing in the car world. Apple also does not stick to the mobile phone trade shows and introduces the products, for example, one to two weeks after the IFA! There, the competition has then already shot their powder and the world looks to Apple or SAAB!

    Hopefully it works and the world is not disappointed!

    Greetings from Oldenburg


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      The bad thing is that hardly anything is to be expected at Apple and I hope that it will not be so with SAAB!
      Then the NEWS SAAB would be a s5 with a new plastic shell! 😉 and for the NSA with the same fingerprint!

      IAA would have been good ... but we can't have everything!

      Patience!!! 🙂

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    Sounds really great, we've been waiting for it for a long time! So, dear NEVS, lift the veil now. However - the timing is really badly chosen. Hello guys, it's the IAA in Frankfurt!

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    What would it have been a blast if there had been an official comeback of “SAAB made by NEVS” at the IAA. With press hype and everything. If the car is ready NOW, it could have worked purely in terms of the sequence of events.
    Unfortunately, I am a bit worried that NEVS is making the same mistakes as other companies: good products, but bad or no marketing.
    Examples include the company Novell in the IT environment and very current BlackBerry: great products, of which hardly a consumer knows something.
    That would have been better for Muller: Just the brilliant move, the blogger Swade officially put on the cart, has shown where it could have gone under Muller.
    Well, he had no knack for everything else.
    Obviously you can't have both - a shame.

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      Hmmm, I think you can see it but exactly the other way.

      The IAA is just the car show.
      There we tend (at least here in Germany) to report about German cars and all kinds of “luxury planes”.

      A “niche product” like SAAB might have been lost in the reporting or at least partially even been “panned” as usual (“bankrupt company with an allegedly new car in an ancient look, with outdated technology, uncertain future and untrustworthy owner, etc. ... ”).

      But if you organize your own, independent presentation, you can present the product and yourself much better, the "press also inform more directly", has the focus on the day only and can possibly "better control / influence" the reporting .

      Counterexamples to your abovementioned companies can also be called:
      For example Apple - they have not been to CeBit, IFA, CES, etc. for years, but often even organize their own presentations in real time and often steal the trade fairs or the products / companies / technologies presented there with very little effort a lot of “free” media coverage the show.

      But I would also like to have Swade back!

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    Yes, finally show the new cart !!!!

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    Well finally! The SAAB must finally “get out of the bag”! And those who are interested also look to Sweden. The news that Trollhättan is “done” with the NEVS product should be accompanied positively….

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    Yes. Show him and post data! What interests me Frankfurt. I want to see what's new in Tollhättan.

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