SAAB News. NEVS stands for the Saab Museum.

Good news comes from Trollhättan. Today it was time again for the future of the Saab Museum, and there is a gratifying result. The museum bearers, the Trollhättan commune, the Saab AB, the Västra Götland region and several representatives of Saab veterans met today in the Bilmuseum to discuss the future of the historical collection.

Saab Museum Trollhttan, Saab 900
Saab Museum Trollhttan, Saab 900

It was attended by representatives of NEVS, who are not among the bearers of the museum. Matthias Bergman, NEVS CEO, emphasized that he wanted to actively use the museum in the future and to help shape the future. For example, as a framework for events with dealers and the press from home and abroad, Bergman said to the local newspaper in Trollhättan.

NEVS, it is becoming increasingly clear, wants to continue the brand tradition. If you wanted, you could already see the first similarities between Saab Tradition and Saab Zukunft last week. In the production of the first vehicle under NEVS direction was museum curator Peter Bäckström among the invited guests. In a short ceremony he cut the symbolic band.

Good news for the museum to be supported by NEVS. Whether there will be direct donations or whether NEVS only pays for booked events in the museum building is still unclear. The former Saab collection urgently needs every crown, and all help is welcome. Although the Saab Veterans Association is actively supporting all types of 1.200 members, this is not enough to get the big collection.

And it's a good little sign for the brand. Saab Tradition lives on, even among the new owners.




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  • Yes, even the turbo sound could be heard! To call this SAAB a "13-liter car" was pretty cheeky!
    Should have been an authentic plot of Griebnitzsee (Berlin / Potsdam), of course, telegenic blended. Only Hannelore Hooger is always worth a show!

  • Yes,………;-)

  • Has anyone seen the film “Uferlos” on ZDF last night? Ok, lousy plot and absolutely pointless, but there was a black Saab 900 turbo convertible in it. You could enjoy the vehicle for several minutes and dream about it again. 🙂
    Have a nice Saab day for all of you

  • The lettering and THE SAAB: a dream (with a lot of emotions!) From the past ... so hopeful that NEVS would like to support the Bilmuseum in the future! And hopefully there will soon be new SAABs under this (or similar) lettering / logo!

  • And then the neck supports are also out of sync. Tss… 😉

  • Luxury problems, right? Have several photos in this variant of different visits. Never is the Saab centered under the lettering. But the next visit to Trollhättan is sure to come

  • Nice to hear good news from time to time.
    But the picture above bothers me every time, even I couldn't take a better picture this year that the 900 is not placed exactly in the middle under the SAAB lettering, mmmmmm. Shouldn't be picky now, but in photos - and that is photographed a lot, it always looks crooked. ... these are problems ... grin.

  • Thanks, that sounds good!

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