SAAB community; Autumn departure around Meissen on 29.September

The autumn has come. It's time for us and our beloved automobiles to take a small but nice ride before hibernating them to the garages.

SAAB autumn exit of the Dresdner SAAB friends 2013
SAAB autumn exit of the Dresdner SAAB friends 2013

The meeting is on September 29th, i.e. this Sunday at 11 a.m. at the Netto parking lot in Meissen, Dresdener / corner of Zaschendorfer Straße. The route takes us from Meißen via Diesbar-Seußlitz, Großenhain and Zabelitz to Riesa, where we will visit the Riesa pasta center for a guided tour. It then continues through Hirschstein and Zehren back to Meißen. We look forward to the weekend with hopefully nice weather “open top” and with as many like-minded people as possible. Photos will follow !! Promised.

13 thoughts on "SAAB community; Autumn departure around Meissen on 29.September"

  • Man oh man ... it was a megaaaaa saaby and sunny day today!
    Looking forward to the report! 😉

  • Hello to Saxony!
    Also I come with my wife and the Saab 9.3 from Rausdorf near Jena (Thuringia).
    The weather is great and Meissen is always worth a trip and then a Saab meeting!
    See you tomorrow 11.00 clock.

  • ok
    I'm looking forward

  • Hello Heiko.
    There are no stupid questions ... Of course you can bring your wife and child with you. This time we will leave our two at home. According to the weather report it will be CV weather
    LG and until Sunday

  • Afterwards you can go for a round of wine at the Meissen wine festival, and everyone will get something out of it. 😉

  • Sorry the stupid question but it makes sense to bring a wife and child?

  • So if I can do it, I would like to be there too.

  • Wine festival in AltKö sounds good. 😉

  • Very cool thing ... I'm looking forward to it!

    Maybe you will see each other in old Kö for the wine festival! 😉 Mark surely still has a guest bed!

    PS: Everyone is welcome in Saxony ... even those in the outskirts of Hesse! 😉

  • ... what does hibernation mean! Our SAABs come from the north and bloom in top form in winter. In contrast to many “rear skids” ...
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Naturally!! SAAB drivers are SAAB drivers are SAAB drivers ...

  • Hey Mark - I'm already working on it. If you take a North Bavarian Saab driver with you 😉

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