Saab news. Saab engineers for Qoros.

There are these messages, which one sees as Saab fan with a laughing and a crying eye. The Chinese - Israeli newcomer Qoros scored highest marks in the Euro NCAP crash test. With five stars, this is the best result ever achieved by a Chinese car. Responsible for this are former Saab engineers.

Qoros 3
Qoros 3

Press Secretary Eric Geers, we remember him from turbulent Saab times, stressed that it was Saab engineers who did most of the work. "We are the first Chinese brand with 5 stars," he said. Vehicles of the competitor Geely would have reached a maximum of 4 stars. Mainly responsible for the good performance is the former Saab engineer and current team boss at Qoros, Roger Malkusson.

To properly classify the test and its importance, one must know that the Qoros 3 has performed better than a Mercedes A-Class or a VW Golf. Although it is quite scarce in some disciplines, it certainly hurts in Wolfsburg or in Stuttgart.

A former Saab press chief announces today that a Chinese product led by a former Saab engineer and his associates, also formerly in Saab's service, has won the crown in vehicle safety. Saab Knowledge will continue to help save lives anywhere in the world. That's nice. Only, should I laugh or cry with this message? Because competence has migrated from Trollhättan. And if she comes back sometime, who knows ...



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  • Hmm, at least in the press releases I've read once again, not a word from the Saab engineers, just something from VW designers and so on. Probably that would have been too much of the praise for the Chinese manufacturer ...

  • Dear Tom, Unfortunately, this is not Saab knowledge but European knowledge what is there to the Chinese by certain persons for Verfügungen.gestellt.

  • So they kept their word on Qoro's, especially since they do not want to sell their cars over the price, but with good technology and quality. It also shows that the Chinese are capable of doing so - which in turn gives NEVS-Saab a lot to expect.

  • No wonder. Only in the Swedish local press, in one of the few newspapers that has always reported fairly fair in the Saab crisis, is referred to the performance of the former Saab engineers. In addition, another Swedish development service provider for the automotive industry was involved. Too bad that this know-how has now landed in the Far East. The Chinese would certainly have improved their deficits in questions of occupant and pedestrian protection at some point, but never as fast as it happened now.

    • How do you seriously want to build insecure cars anywhere in the world? Just because you do not begrudge the Chinese ... As you already admit, it would only have been a matter of time before the Chinese build safe cars.
      By the way, also Saab is in Chinese possession, one does not have to see so dramatically.

      • What does that have to do with pleasure? Why should one greet it when the competitors from the Far East with European help suddenly catch up so quickly. After all, it's about economic interests and not humanitarian activity.

        • Your view is absolutely clear to me, but I do not have to share it.

          In terms of safety, all car manufacturers should be allowed to reach a high level, there are still enough other criteria to distinguish one from the other (design, engine and drive technology, price, image, etc.).

          • One of the key arguments for Saab and Volvo was the superior safety. Engine, drive technology - let's have a look at the Vokswagen group how much that suits the end of the brand ...

  • Interestingly, OPEL got only 4 stars with the Adam. No help from Sweden anymore, or what?

  • ?????? Is it more accurate? Or is the contribution only for insiders?
    Best regards

  • Today was in the FAS a whole page about the Quoros. Unfortunately not a word about SAAB genes! But interesting, that probably a hatchback version is planned here. This gives hope for a similar development at NEVS.

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