Rebus. Saab engine.

Update & resolution 27.09.13

A look under the bonnet can be interesting. Sometimes disappointing, because with many modern products only small machines live under the hood. But sometimes it can be really exciting. We looked under the hood. Of course with a Saab. Only with which? And, hmm, what's that engine?

A Saab engine. Only in which car and which engine.
A Saab engine. Only in which car and which engine.

Questions about questions. While I'm on the road today and the blog has to wait, a picture puzzle for the readers. Maybe someone from the Saab community knows the solution. Because with a little skill and combination, the resolution could not be a problem. Have fun!

The resolution

It was not easy, but reader Anddeu was on the right track very fast. Congratulations Anddeu! The engine pictured comes from VM Motori, is a 2.9 liter V6 diesel. At Saab he came as A29DT designated engine under the well-formed hood of the 9-5 II. Unfortunately, it never came to the series and there is a vehicle worldwide under whose hood we were allowed to look. The Saab is currently for sale in the Netherlands.

That's it: Saab 9-5 II, V6 Diesel from VM Motori
That's it: Saab 9-5 II, V6 Diesel from VM Motori




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  • I think that one of the six DI “ignition coils” is slowly passing, symptoms are the same. It's not that rare. If you're lucky, one from the front bench, it's easier to switch.

  • I am familiar with VM Motori - the diesel in the new Maserati Ghibli comes from this company. O-Ton im Spiegel: Not particularly innovative, not particularly cultivated, but it has a lot of oomph.

  • Well, yes, I wrote the explanation above in the article. VM Motori - not a BMW. Will we see you in Saxony on Sunday?

  • Clarify us on Tom!

  • Hello Klaus
    I had the same problem last year with my Turbo-x
    I had an ignition coil ...
    After then all were changed (price shock) the engine ran smoothly again

    Good luck

    Sunny greetings from Luxembourg

  • Thank you (!!!) for the answers, the next Saab workshop is more than 80 kilometers away from me and I am happy if I can narrow down the problem through experience reports ...

  • I also believe that it is a BMW engine. Apparently in Trollhättan a few of these engines mysteriously disappeared?

  • VM Motori? I do not think so.

  • or it is the much-spoken Italian-derived 3.0l V6TTID in the 9-5 II

  • Everything speaks for an Insignia OPC V6 Turbo, only the oil filler neck is slightly eccentric.

    So certainly no BMW, no Mercedes ... all AMI.

  • Might this be a V8 GM 9 5?

    GM always wanted more cylinders, but the first V6 was a real dog. Ugh ...

  • For me this is a GM 3.0 L V6 LF3

  • I am quite sure that BMW 6 cylinder only builds as a series 6er and has no V6 in the program. There are only V8 and V12 V-engines. The sticker in the picture seems so synonymous V10 (old M5 / M6) or V12 (7er and Rolls) represent.

  • Hello Klaus, I know that. Had that with mine too and I'm almost desperate. After many pit stops in my garage we found the problem this spring. It is a control relay. I can ask my mechanic what exactly and contact me Georg

  • Reminds me of the cover more to BMW, but the separate oil dipstick reminds me of the GM-V6, which was already installed in the 900 (ii).

  • The silver exterior color would tempt me to guess on a study, Phoenix and AERO-X are not, Saab 9-6 SUV will probably have the Tribeca-Subaru V6 (and it definitely isn't) ...

    There's a part number on the black intake air duct, I'm reading something like:

    132.428.35 and in the end it looks like bosses from AA (or at least 44)? Seems to be a GM (including Saab) part number.

  • I'm pretty sure it's the transversely mounted V6 in 9-4X

  • Of course, it would be really exciting when it comes to the future! And no gleaning is of what was or could have been!

  • If you are not Klaus from Hd: Check (leave) the electrical contacts on the injection nozzles. They report to the control unit how much fuel or when fuel is being injected ... On my old 900, some from Bosch are installed. I had some jerking every now and then while driving. Plug contacts and the rubber seals have been replaced with new ones and peace and quiet is… .Can also the distributor, the spark plugs (age-related) be…? Remote diagnostics are bad for something like that.

  • ... is of course speculative ...

  • ... and maybe the unnamed company was in the bidding war ... Mercedes

  • think almost that is a transversely mounted, slightly modified V6 Mercedes-Benz (installed in the 350ern)

  • 9000 V8? 😉 no, I think it's a 9-5 3.0V6 diesel here ...

  • Addendum:
    I just took a photo of my 2-8 V6 turbo engine from the same perspective, printed it out and compared it. - Looks completely different, this is definitely not a Holden V6.
    The voltage increases!

  • It's a black and white Saab V6turbo. I'm pretty sure…. 😉

  • In any case it looks a bit different from the cover than in my 2008 9-3 V6 turbo convertible….

    Where we are on the subject of V6 Turbo:
    Mine (256PS version) unfortunately causes problems when I accelerate fully, almost regardless of the speed and only when the gas pedal is fully depressed: Then it jerks and jerks briefly ... Feels like turning the ignition key briefly to the left , always just a few moments, strange.
    Ignition ?, turbo pressure control valve? No idea. Someone an idea?
    Sorry if I use the picture puzzle for my little problems ... 😉


  • Is a BMW cover on it. Do not think that it is a v6. Think this is a BMW test engine.

  • So, the 9-5 II V6 looks different, at least mine. The 9-4X V6 should actually be the same.

  • No, no Holden engine. He looks a bit different. NEVS can not be either, they would not have the griffin. So a prototype?

  • Yes, I also appreciate a Holden engine.

  • I think it's a 9-4X 2.8L V6

  • Well that would have to be the engine compartment of an 9-5 NG with the 2,8L V6 engine. Either brand new or well cleaned!

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