SAAB notes. Meet - poster - i love saab.

I love Saab Button
I love Saab Button

If I remember correctly, the “I love Saab” button was an invention from Belgium or Switzerland. In any case, Saab Switzerland went on tour in spring 2011, in hopeful times. Some German Saab dealers also reprinted an edition of the buttons as a sign of solidarity towards Saab. Mark and I found the idea so charming that we reissued the button.

The reprint gets every customer in our fan shop as a free thank you and as a sign that he is a cult brand from Trollhättan. But we go one step further and support friends with the new edition Saab. Organizers of Saab Round Tables and Meetings may request a contingent against a small symbolic donation to our Saab Charity Project.

Interested Saab friends are welcome to contact me.

Saab meeting Slovakia

In October, the long-announced Saab meeting takes place in the Bavarian Forest. Matthias Ketterl organizes it for the second time with great commitment, and it will be a special event again this year.

A meeting of the cult brand from Sweden also takes place in Slovakia on the same weekend. From October 11th to 13th, the “Saab Session Slovakia” rises with a large program that is somehow tough. On Friday, the participants meet in the Kia Motors parking lot and visit the production site there. Saab visits Kia - at least an unusual idea. 55 Saabs were on site last year, and 2013 also promises to be a great event. Saab friends in the border regions are now spoiled for choice.

If you want to be part of the Saab Session Slovakia, do not hesitate. Registration deadline is the 4. October.

Saab wrapping paper and poster

Till from Saabsunited lives the Saab brand and his enthusiasm for Swedish automobiles. He designed wrapping paper and posters for the true fans. Since he needs space in his warehouse - he's already planning new Saab ideas - he will be offering some of his products at half price until October 14th. Can be ordered in his Amazon Store, A good idea for the perfect Saab gift!

And where on the weekend?

At least my weekend is settled! On Saturday it's going to Saxony, because that's where the Saab autumn exit to Meissen instead. It will not be back until Monday, with friends making a detour. The blog will not be back until Tuesday. Allen Saab drivers a nice weekend!



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  • Luckily, Beherman is still a Saab Parts distributor. Hopefully from Saab cars again soon 🙂

  • I hope there are still 2-3! 🙂

  • Absolutely correct, as I was also the former importer Beherman involved.

  • This “I love Saab” button was made in Belgium for the first time for the 2010 auto show in the Heizel.

  • I'm looking forward to Sunday, hope the weather suits

    Greetings Martin “the planner”

  • Anyone else coming from the Chemnitz corner?

  • Very nice ... the weather should also be right, I'm already looking forward to Sunday!

  • Well then we'll see each other Sunday.

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