Saab news. New name for Saabparts.

The former parts division of Saab Automobile AB, the Saab Parts AB will be renamed Orio AB. This will come into effect on 13.November.

Saab Automobile Parts AB
Saab Automobile Parts AB

Why the name change? For one thing, it's legal, because the name Saab is owned by Saab AB. On the other hand, it seems that you want to expand and expand the offer to other brands.

What will change for us and our Saabs? The Orio AB will continue to be the sole supplier of original spare parts for Saab and our darlings will supply me with the necessary parts we need to give the streets a certain beauty

So is everything the same? Basically, everything stays as it was, yes, only the name changes. Let us see what the future holds.


Image: Saab Automobile Parts AB

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  • Well, I'm curious ...

    a martyr of the Catholic Church, executed in 3. Century in Rome, see Orio (martyr)

    Greetings Andreas

  • I would rather for SWAP - Swedish Automobile Parts, or something. Orio sounds to me - despite the martyrs allusion (or yet multi-door?) - but very arbitrary. Or maybe some nibbles for boring movie screenings.

  • Orio should follow the word "original", says Lennhart Stahl from the (still) Saab Parts AB. The background idea ...

    • Since I think Origo obvious, but probably already out of print.

      I just hope the Americans can distinguish "Orio" from "Oreo" - not that they think there are now new biscuits with cream filling neue

  • I do not know what that is supposed to be ... !? Find these processes rather "stupid". Hardly believe that the old "mother" had anything against the use of the name ... First comes the grasp away (old plaques seemingly no longer available, or?) And now also the name of the company, which is responsible for our cars ? Hmmm .... I think that someday anyway with the vehicle division come together?

  • So Saabparts will have to rename itself in Eschborn. Does not the name Saab completely disappear from Germany? And thus also the basis for a new sales network?

    • In Eschborn sits the "Swedish Distribution Services", a subsidiary of Sweden. So far there is no new name provided. The Saab partners and also the Eschborner continue to use the name Saab, the name does not disappear. Only the griffin has to be dismantled after a transitional period of a few years at the workshops, so want the new contracts.

  • The name Orio AB is absolutely wrong. One should ask better marketing experts here and get advice.

  • Besides, I want to have a griffin on my car and nothing else (no star, no propellers, no cats, etc.) ...

  • I just miss "Orio". Was one of the invented names maybe in Flensburg?
    There is a company called "Orion"

    Greetings Ulrich

    • Hm, the woman U. comes from Flensburg, I believe

  • In spite of all the name change: Where do the oldtimer friends ala 99, 900 to 1993, 9000 to 1994 stay like other premium brands with their vehicles for spare parts? If I only think that you get eg for my 900er no gear more ... From another 900er take? In 1 to 2 years you have the same problem again.

  • In my opinion, Saab Parts should not move further away from Saab Automobile (NEVS). Now what shows the sayings and protestations of the Chinese one would be worth the tradition and history of Saab. After all, NEVS could buy Saab Parts in retrospect. You can not hear that anymore. A new name that sounds a bit like a biscuit or sex mailer is absolutely a step in the wrong direction

  • Dear SAAB - friends

    recognize the signs - SAAB is history, once and for all.
    The whole thing with new names, strange and terribly secret plans for the future, reboots with a single old car, public relations work on belly-bellies and schedules to St. Nimmerleinstag, is yet Leichenfledderei in the highest degree.
    I do not know who burns what and why, but having a fresh start does not have anything to do with it.
    The current "owners" can not !!!!
    If at some point somebody plows a SAAB sticker on a commercial car, no one will know what that was.
    There are no buyers and there are no more dealers.
    We spinners with the 7 days old, graying 3 daydream are past.
    No one comes after us who remember the fine times of Svenska Automobile Aktiebolaget.
    See it - it's over!


    • Dear GALLIX!
      Did you actually read the answer from Tom from the 14.08? With so much "optimism" I doubt it ... Nevertheless, all good for you!

      • Hello Zsolt,

        Gallix is ​​right about everything.

        • What I can not understand how zB.ein Mercedes driver come to the idea should order a part for his car at Saab Parts ...
          Whether the new name is a direct hit, however, is an open question.

    • Whether the current owner or not, we will certainly see someday. Let's just wait and see.
      However, I would like to strongly contradict the claim that nobody will come after us who will remember the times of Svenska Automobil Aktiebolaget. At our meeting in Meissen, young fans were in the felt majority and they know exactly what they have on our great vehicles and the unique Saab history.

      • Dear Gallix & dear Tom, you two "real" Saab connoisseurs are there but a small - almost unforgivable mistake: SAAB does not mean "Svenska Automobile Aktiebolaget" but of course "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget"

        And please, please - because it also boils up here again, this eternal fuss over because - hands off my grasp and the like - all this is written and thought out in ignorance of the story of SAAB - the griffin is Scania (the heraldic animal of the Skane region) and has nothing to do with either the "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget" or Tröllhattan. Even with the departure of Scania you would have had to delete the griffin.

        • Dear perret

          I'm assuming that Tom, just like me, deliberately meant the automobile business.

          And believe us; "Real" we are both!


          • In spite of all this, the automobile industry was never called the same as you two have titled it ... if nostalgia, then please correct ...

      • Tom so I see and read it almost every week at least once in the Saab Forum! Especially from young "colleagues" like "Sxxxxx" who is currently in the US and often looks for parts. The boy is just 21 years and so excited about his Saabs ....

  • Good Mr. Zsolt
    There are also Mercedes drivers with second cars. One for the heart and one for the brain.
    Therefore entitled to opinion!

    • Hello Gallix!
      I think we're talking at cross purposes. Of course everyone is entitled to vote! With "eg Mercedes driver I meant the following: if Saab Parts AB in the future, as it says in the report, also for other brands make spare parts, it is almost inevitable to change the name, because the least of the mentioned Mercedes drivers will suspect that you can also get Benz spare parts from Saab. By the way, which of your cars is for your heart and which one for your brain?

      • ... In the "facts" I also understand your opinion more. You can always switch to their second brand. However, I believe that there are more readers among us who would NEVER do that. :-)))

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