Qoros landed in Europe and Volvo sales figures.

Qoros, the newcomer from China, made headlines with top marks a few days ago NCAP crash test. Former Saab engineers were behind the brilliant result, which makes it interesting for us. But otherwise, we thought, it was quiet about the Chinese-Israeli company. How can you be wrong…

Qoros 3 Estate - Geneva Motor Show 2013
Qoros 3 Kombi - Geneva Motor Show 2013

Qoros landed in Europe

Because, unnoticed by the public, Qoros sent the first vehicles from China to Slovakia. The car magazine "Auto-Motor-Sport" found out. The first vehicles have been in customer hands since September. A fully equipped Qoros 3 is available in Slovakia with a 156 hp turbo gasoline engine and six-speed dual clutch transmission for 20 euros. Which is a remarkable competitive price.

We had on the Geneva Motor Show the Qoros under the microscope. Apart from the fact that optically nothing is reminiscent of Saab, the new release is, apart from small details, a competitor to Ford and Opel ... maybe even to products from the Volkswagen group. The Skoda Oktavia starts as a sedan with comparable motorization at just under € 20.000. If the Qoros 3 does what Geneva promised, it will be an interesting number.

Slovakia is the European test market for Qoros, because notchback sedans are in demand there. The manufacturer won't come to Germany until 2015. Then with more model variations. A well-formed station wagon and a hatchback follow, and every 6 months the new brand wants to present another variant. So far they have kept their word. This is going to be exciting !

Volvo on the upswing

The sister brand from Gothenburg is under our observation, because the future of Sweden as a car location depends on Volvo. There is good news. A new engine generation is about to launch, the blog will report on it in the following days, and for the third month in a row, you can report increasing sales.

The model year 2014 is now rolling off the belts, and especially the V40 seems to arrive well. Sales of 3036 models in September 2012 increased sales of 8220 units sold in the same month this year. Not bad !

The problem child China also seems to be developing splendidly - at last. The dealer network has been restructured and efforts in recent months seem to be bearing fruit.

Here is a look at the global development of the other Swedish brand:

Volvo sales figures 09-2013
Volvo sales figures 09-2013

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  • If we also flourish and live for our brand Saab, I am still giving Volvo its sales growth. Volvo was and is always something extraordinary like Saab and certainly a good vehicle. I know that from our own experience, we have always been Saab, myself (25-9II TTiD and Volvo (c5) my wife-to-be since 30 years

    Many greetings from Styria to blog readers - Klaus.

  • About 2 weeks ago I spotted a Qoros-3-Erlkönig in the Black Forest, whatever that means ...

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