SAAB News. Saab calendar 2014.

Like last year, there will also be a Saab calendar for 2014. More than 2013 calendars were printed and sold for 500 - a great success! Till from Saabsunited is working on this current project and is looking for suitable Saab photos.

Saabsunited calendar 2013 - the new edition is in the planning stage.
Saabsunited Calendar 2013 - the new edition is being planned.

The right opportunity for Saab drivers ... and if you have a nice photo of the many Saab events this year, you can send your picture by email to su (at) Till is already looking forward to many suggestions in his mailbox!

Last year there was a special calendar only for the Saab 9-3 II. Also this year is a special issue possible, is not decided yet, for which model variant. The dimensions of the calendar, which was very compact in the last edition, could also change. Maybe the readers would like a larger format? Suggestions are welcome!




5 thoughts on "SAAB News. Saab calendar 2014."

  • Nice idea. A pure CV calendar.

  • Where can you order this calendar.

  • Yes, VERY like - that would be the ultimate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uuuund ... the one in Inca yellow! 🙂

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