SAAB News. NEVS reduces number of suppliers.

The national suppliers of the auto industry met in Sweden yesterday. The annual event - it is organized by the umbrella association FKG - is always something like a catwalk for suppliers and their customers. To be seen and to be seen, to give a lecture and to socialize. This is important. Saab 2.0 sent NEVS purchasing manager Per Svantesson. He had good news in his luggage.


According to the information he gave to the local newspaper from Trollhättan, NEVS has reduced the number of suppliers from 500 to 400. "We will have too little production per supplier to be interesting" - said Svantesson. The reduction results in a win-win situation for both sides. Saab 2.0, he says, has put tremendous effort into the past 6 to 8 months. Svantesson, having been in the business for 30 years, has never experienced anything like it. The production facilities are now of the same high standard as they were before production was discontinued.

The latest negotiations are currently underway with a good dozen suppliers, which should be successfully completed in the latest 6 to 8 weeks. It was a big challenge, says Svantesson, but they have strict targets and want to start production later this year.

That Saab 2.0 would be more Swedish than before, here we have confirmed it again. The small and medium sized companies in Sweden will be pleased, because an additional customer besides the Gothenburg brand is welcome. NEVS has discovered that small businesses can often be the better choice in terms of quality and speed. The drivers of older Saab models already have experience with it. Saab 900 and 9000 were very Swedish and are the optimal long-term vehicles.

Let's take a look at the schedule! Currently we are in the calendar week 41, the calendar autumn ends in the 51. Week. 10 weeks still, maximum. The countdown is running !


Picture: National Electric Vehicle Sweden

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    Well, if Saab then has cars as lame as their flow of information, or continues to be stubborn with regard to customer inquiries - apparently the gentlemen do not need to answer, this behavior only plays into the hands of other manufacturers.
    Volvo builds great cars and Jaguar as a station wagon is not uncomfortable motorized.
    Nevs first has to prove that they are saabish. Anyone can buy a company. Only the Spirit of Saab is not at home in the new company and if they continue like this - dead.

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    Concentrating on the essentials, that's how I see the reduction in the number of suppliers. Tightening the structures, positive signs. All small steps up to the "launch" of the first new SAAB under NEVS. The shell is known, the fans are waiting for the engine supplier to be announced! This will undoubtedly be a key to success! Perhaps the "secret" of the Lucia Festival ... .. will be revealed. Until then we will be patient….

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    We are not only driving a SAAB for several years. Hope and fear has been going on for too long. The dealer and workshop network is bleeding. If you do not have a good SAAB dealer on the road, many mechanics look without effect in the car The information policy is somehow amateur. 100 consultant? What are they doing all day? Time is running down from the clock. The old fanbase will not be able to bring the light into the tunnel alone. I really do not give up hope, but every day without a new SAAB in Europe, the corridor becomes smaller for survival. Good weekend!

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    Yes mac9-5, "underground" is the keyword. If it is properly prepared, the paint will also hold up properly. How long my brother sometimes sits on it and grinds and does ... But for the "free" repair, the boys must only have blown over it with the pistol. But it is understandable that it is more lucrative for a paint shop to paint large areas. That is why there is the SR species for the small places. I think that the color differences should at least be reduced by a paint preparation.

    Well then, have fun at the weekend, but our cars should look good.

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    Maybe the engine manufacturer is at home in Sweden and is called VOLVO - always remember that both Jiang and the Chairman of VOLVO are coming!

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    Hello Mac9-5,
    because you probably fell asleep in the specification of € the finger on the 0 ??
    Otherwise I just don't believe it… ..! But maybe the doors will also be included!
    Nice greeting for the week-end!

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      Nene, unfortunately not. I would have been pleased about a 0 less synonymous! 🙁
      2 new complete mirror housings (electrically adjustable, heatable, non-electric foldable) for a 2002'er 9-5 SC.
      That is such a high price that I wonder whether the "aluminum corrosion" might not bother me ....
      The problem is also mentioned in the purchase recommendation PDF at "Saab Cars" in the forum ... so it probably occurs more often.

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        Hello mac9-5,
        take a look in your area for a company that offers "smart repair". Is small, fast and cheaper than new parts and if done well, almost nothing is to be seen. My brother does this kind of thing professionally, if Dresden is in your catchment area, I could ask him.

        • blank

          Moin Troll 9-3SC.

          Thank you for the really nice offer. But I come from the deepest part of Lower Saxony - I don't think it would be worth it. 🙁

          Unfortunately, the SR companies here in our "small town" are not particularly good (or do not have the best reputation).

          The car paint shop, which did my partial painting last year, also temporarily repaired the spots on the mirrors "free of charge". But that is already peeling off again and continues to “corrode”.
          And they advised against a “correct repair” because the “subsurface” is already very damaged and you would always see it (because of different weather-related black tones).

          What a bummer - for a car that, according to ADAC / DAT, is currently worth around € 6000-7000, and whose mirrors actually work perfectly, you would have to pay 20% of the value for a purely “optical repair”.

          I think I have to get a little “pregnant” with it at the weekend. 🙁

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    It all starts to sound very, very positive…. 🙂

    I hope NEVS will come “to us in Germany” sometime in 2014 (or 2015) with a fancy new car (station wagon, of course) !!!!

    Slowly a “new one” really needs to be found….
    I “get annoyed” during the days about the increasing “little quirks” in my old station wagon.
    I have, for example, the "flaking-coatings-on-exterior-mirror-housing-problem" (well known in model years 03/04; painting doesn’t bring anything more or one could see clearly) and 2 new ones should cost about 1200, - €…. 🙁

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    The engine is still a mystery. If the production is to be approached this year, the contracts with the supplier for such an important part as an engine have long been in vain. Why not let the cat finally out of the bag, who delivers the engines. If it is a reputable good engine builders that would be a good pre-advertisement. However, if it should act with the supplier to any China Klitsche, then of course keep nice.

    • blank

      "Why don't they finally let the cat out of the bag (...) a well-known good engine builder (...)"

      No, no, no,

      thought wrong. Just that should be up to an official premiere (around the production start) times in the bag. This may be the real big surprise and innovation.

      Especially when SAAB / NEVS should succeed in scoring points with dynamics and / or low consumption of new engines from a well-known manufacturer, that is exactly the trump card that you have to play right ...

      Woe to journalists learn in advance and have nothing more to say about the market launch. What trumps should NEVS pull out of the sleeve with the 9-3 II reloaded?

      Anyone who may already know something, please continue to hold tight.

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    Everything sounds very positive.

    If the focus is on small and medium-sized businesses - mainly in Sweden - there should be a plus in terms of quality as well as short distances. This cannot be emphasized enough - so that Dudenhöffer + Co. does not even have fantasy stories that are supposed to simulate bad components from China!

    Additional information about the new engine supplier would also have been welcome - maybe this will follow at the next press conference.

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    That's good news! I've been waiting for news and finally there's something back! Nice!!

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