SAAB photo. The other day at the motorway.

The motorway between Hamburg and Kiel. It is already dark, a team bus with a racing transporter stops in the north direction. Two friends meet for a short chat, then they disappear back into the dark night. One starts north, to Sweden. The other goes back to Hamburg. Hmm And what does that have to do with Saab?

At night on the highway: Per Eklund Racing and Saab 9-3
At night on the highway: Per Eklund Racing and Saab 9-3

One of the two friends is Per Eklund. Former works driver at Saab and known to all of us for his victory in the year 2000 with the Saab 9-3 Viggen am Pikes Peak, He has remained true to racing and of course Saab. His team Per Eklund Racing is very involved in the Rallye Cross EC. The Rally Tross came from France, the next appearance on the following weekend took place in Greinbach, Austria.

The Saab 9-3 sports sedan on the trailer, whose rims Saab drivers are sure somehow familiar, piloted the Norwegian Henning Solberg.

Saab is still present in this sport. This shows how unusual this brand is. No new cars, but sports appearances. However, it is also time for the motorsport deployment time, that one switches the switch in Sweden and finally produces supplies. Because, as I have learned, the FIA ​​regulations allow only the use of Super Touring Cars, whose production is no longer than 5 years ago.

Oh yes, the friend on the highway, with whom Per Eklund met at night time, was Nico Gasparatos. Saab Service Partner from Hamburg, enthusiastic about motorsport, who a few days later, together with Simo Lampinen, mixed up the Hamburg city park revival with his Saab Armada. The Saab world is small and - somehow - positively crazy.


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  • Such a crap!!!!!
    Had I known this before the SAAB in the Rallycross European Championship I would have driven to run in Austria.
    And then with such well-known drivers on the steering wheel.
    This has nothing to do with rallycross, but is not there also a 9-3 in the Swedish touring car series?

    Too bad the Nico Gasparatos only Youngtimer uses.
    I would love to see a SAAB in the VLN and in the 24 hour race on the Ring.
    It would also be important to show that SAAB is still alive.

    What happened to the XAB 900 II 1995 in the 24 race?
    You've been reporting on the car this year, but since then nothing has been heard.
    How is the state of affairs?
    Does he come back to the Nordschleife?

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