SAAB notes. NEVS is considering buying the Saab Parts AB.

It has become quiet about the possible purchase of Saab Parts AB by National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB. The upcoming renaming to Orio AB and the associated realignment give the impression that what actually belongs together will not come together. We may have been wrong. The automobile news portal “just-auto”Visited the Saab plant in Trollhättan last week and wants to have heard the relevant news there.

Saab Parts AB Nyköping
Saab Parts AB Nyköping

According to information from “just-auto”NEVS has revived the dialogue with the Swedish government and wants to acquire Parts AB if the company is up for sale. “It could be interesting for NEVS to own the logistics company”, a spokesman for the investor is quoted as saying. “The after-market is important and a good relationship with the customer is desirable. In the future we would like to make sure that it is pleasant to be a Saab owner. ”

The spokesman for NEVS emphasized again, so “just-auto"That" ... it is important for us to acquire the company ... .. we have to fill the after-market ... "

So far "just-auto". The question arises as to how reliable this information is, because in the past the portal was always speculative. So caution is advised. Let's look at the facts. NEVS is about to present the new model variant of the 9-3. Production is scheduled to begin this year. If we count on the usual time frame in the industry, the first vehicles will be at dealerships in summer 2014. So time is of the essence because NEVS has neither a sales network nor an organization for logistics and after-sales.

In addition to the time factor, the existing logistics center in Nyköping, which NEVS already uses as a customer, speaks in favor of the purchase. Saab Parts AB has subsidiaries in important markets outside China and a large network of partners. And about a positive cash flow. The fastest and cheapest way for NEVS to have its own distribution structure is via Nyköping.

Two other factors speak against this. Nyköping is a historic Saab location, geographically far from Trollhättan. A new, own logistics center on a green meadow in Trollhättan would be an option. But the highest hurdle is built by Swedish politics. The price has to be realistic. The administration has already written off part of the investment, but is that enough?

More speaks for it than against it. And it is hardly the task of the Swedish state to hold a long-term distribution for auto parts in his possession. If the information proves to be correct, the renaming of Orio AB and the intended reorientation will only be a short episode in the history of the brand. For NEVS the clock is ticking. Logistics center on an industrial wasteland in the Stallbacka or the acquisition of Saab Parts AB. You have to decide!


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    Maybe NEVS will call themselves Saab Cars or again Saab Automobile AB and also Saab Parts can stay. It would be nice, everything back to the old, except for the bird.

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    As far as I know, NEVS was unwilling to pay the non-market price the Swedish State wanted to buy from Saab Automobile.

    At that time, the Swedish State has, on its own initiative, to pay one of the many debtors of SAAB Automobile AB, namely the EIB. Now the taxpayer has to pay for this step, because neither will SAAB Parts be able to make any money in the foreseeable future, nor will any investor pay that money for SAAB parts.

    In the meantime, as Tom says, they have already written off part of the purchase value. But the price will decrease until NEVS takes the last step. NEVS is a private company and will do what is worthwhile from an entrepreneurial point of view.

    That being said, I would also like to see Saab Parts renamed NEVS Parts and not Orio.

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      And why not continue Saab Parts?

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        Because with pre-NEVS Saab cars you can not develop a long-lived business model as these cars are getting less and less.

        And I do not believe that NEVS will hand over the aftermarket business to a third party without having some control over it.

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        That's what I'm wondering too, mainly because parts (according to the message) continue to be produced and sold for Saabs, and NEVS has SAAB written on its latest presentation of the new 9-3 and also in the emblem on the hood. (Scania had to be removed as we know)

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    If so, that would be the right and important step in the right direction. For me, this would be the right sign that NEVS is serious about continuing Saab history in the traditional markets that have since been established. I still think that NEVS was not exactly a stroke of luck for Saab.
    In the beginning a lot of reverie and ideology with the spinning to stiffen up on electric cars but very slowly they wake up and arrive in reality. The Chinese are learning very slow as it is in Europe, actually fortunately the otherwise half of Europe would be Chinese. But as I said for me, the right step would have long been necessary.

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    On the one hand I think the purchase as logical, on the other hand, I see no problem with vintage spare parts. The parts do not care much or so, so it can only get better. If one stopped the supply of old vehicles, then just third would do the business. So, stay cool

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      Third? With horrendous prices that are even higher, as is the case with the 901er?
      Example water cooler: with one (third) as an original Saab part for just under 200 euros, with another just under 130 euros, also from Saab so Saab Parts AB….

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    Yes, I can only say grasshoppers ... Always buy pieces of cream and then destroy them after a few years or sell them at high prices to others (possibly sell back to the Swedish state)
    Can not do that! What's more, what else is left of the name SAAB and what happens to the supply of spare parts for many classic cars like 96 / 99 / 90 / 900 / 9000 and the classic 9000 / 902 / 9-3 / 9-5?
    If that happens, for better or worse, I'll have to switch to the Gothenburg brand Volvo and buy a vintage car there ... Because the spare parts supply is still good there, even for vintage cars.

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      Hello Helmut,

      As a long-time fan of both Swedish brands, I can unfortunately only contradict you here, especially the spare parts supply for Yougtimer is now catastrophic at Volvo….
      Many parts for the 200 and 700 series have not been available for a long time… ..
      We'd rather not talk about exotic models like the Volvo 780 Bertone Coupé ......

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        Yes, I had to learn the next Volvohandler.Also I'll probably stay with Saab.

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    NEVS would be well advised to buy the Saab Parts AB and Saab Parts AB might well be happy with this not so happy name change.


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