Blog intern. Saab blog present and future.

Let's talk about the blog today, because it's time to look back and one into the future. launched 2011 in February with the basic idea of ​​supporting the Saab brand with experience and test reports on Swedish cars. The idea may have been good, but in March, the tapes faltered, and what the then Saab CEO Victor Muller flowery as a "morning cold"Was soon to turn out to be pneumonia, which never left the patient.

Saab blog. Where do the readers come from?
Saab blog. Where do the readers come from?

The actual blog target was - for lack of new cars - put on hold for now. Perhaps this would have been the right time to plug the young project and look for another, more meaningful pastime. But once it was a farewell difficult, because there was now not only the brand, but also friendly and moral loyalties. So it came to the idea, at least continue to write, until - as a minimum target - the tapes run again or until the key in the factory gate for the last time would be reversed.

Writing for Saab - not easy ...

It's not easy to write about a brand that does not build cars anymore. About a situation where there were always new rumors and information. Something I do not like and which annoys me after almost three years. An environment where it is difficult to distinguish between truth and desire every day, especially if you are a fan of the brand. That sometimes I was wrong with my forecasts ... the readers will hopefully see it to me.

Actually, such a project has little chance. And yet - in this environment, the delicate Blogpflänzchen developed well despite all obstacles and is, although in German, read more and more international. One of those strange effects that can only be described with the "Saab Factor".

Top 5 visitors of the last days to nations
Top 5 visitors of the last days to nations

The Saab factor - or what?

The brand is dead and yet more alive than ever. The interest in the vehicles and the history is great. And when longtime Saab drivers migrate to other brands, then new, young fans are added, who are at least as enthusiastic about the cult brand as those who have been there for decades. Some of the emigrants continue to read the blog regularly and write mails to the team, even though they drive a Gothenburg, Wolfsburg or Ingolstadt bike as their daily car. Some still have a Saab in the garage, which is then the car for nice weather or for leisure.

Back to the brand - that is what most of the alumni want. If there are new cars or if sometime a new big Saab in Sweden runs off the tapes. The fact that the number of visitors to the mishap in Sweden has remained stable over a long period of time and is now on an upward trend is understandable with this background. Once Saab, always Saab! The brand does not let anyone go. What the marketing departments of other manufacturers define as a brand experience and want to create a lot of effort for their customers, is a given at Saab. I call it the Saab factor.

Stage goal reached - the tapes are running again

For several weeks, the tapes are running again. Very slow .. but a small number of new vehicles was built. Not yet in the new design, but to test the production facilities. In Sweden, you are on the right track, in the felt slow-motion speed. Maybe ... Because even though the news is positive, there remain open questions and doubts. There's the engine question, there's the concept with electric cars and an unknown sales strategy that makes the future blurry.

The start of production of the revised 9-3 should be only weeks away. In small quantities and certainly not for sale to the customer. It's the test run before it gets serious, but we'll see the version that 2014 will be in the showrooms. Exciting!

Blog Future - open ...

Of course, the future of the blog and the desire to write are closely related to what happens in Trollhättan. How NEVS will set up when production runs, and what will happen in Germany ... or not. Because writing, especially for Saab, also means surviving crises. The farewell article was already written - it was not long ago - and ended up in the trash.

If Saab 2.0 can make it out of the ashes like the Phoenix, then we could finally write more about cars and less about economics. Could test new cars, what an idea after years of drought! The blog would have a goal, the blog team and the readers more fun. Because, according to Loriot, a life without a blog is possible, but not so entertaining.



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  • Dear Tom!

    I hope you have many recycle bins in the office! ;-)))

  • Tom,
    the thought of giving up has been shot through many minds by many Saab bloggers. In a few weeks (as the trade press writes), we will see first reasons for continuing to write or for not writing (tastes are different).

    There will be an important e-stage again next year, and then there will be a small dry spell until the first Phoenix NEVS Saab car can be seen at the dealer next door. But at least Saab cars will no longer be Schrödinger cats in time.

    I hope you hold on to the Phoenix, whether I share your opinion or not.

  • There is another serious side to all Saab enthusiasm:
    We former Saab dealers, whom we consider to be Saab without any economic rationality, continue to provide good service, wait for the hoped-for new car sales, have lost a lot of blood.
    We have Saab used cars together to continue to live Saab. It has cost us a lot of money, a lot of operating capital is down the drain.
    It is high time that we can get back an economic base and sell new Saab. At some point we can not do it anymore.

    • That Saab dealers have a hard time understanding, I think, every reader. Unfortunately, none of us can accelerate the process in Sweden, even when time is running out and we all long for positive news. The blog team writes not only for the brand but also for the dealers and we have great respect for the great commitment shown by some partners every day. As a platform, the blog is available to Saab partners wherever possible.

  • Hi Tom,

    because none of the two points has yet been reached in order to open this blog (the tapes for Saab 2.0 are not really working yet or the key in the factory gate has not been turned over one last time) I hope that you keep the time and the power will find this blog operate.

    Although I can understand if you would say now is over. Because it takes a lot of self-discipline to sit down and write new articles even if you do not feel like it.

    After all, you have managed to reach almost 75.000 readers so far => incl. Some newspapers, which have made the reports in the forest of leaves over Saab a little better.

    You have set up a beautiful trolling shop and also a Youngtimer blog, which reports on working with older Saabs.

    Thus, the only question is what your goal was in relation to your readers, because without this background you would not have started the blog, right? If you look at the number of visitors you seem to hit a nerve in any case, because the numbers mentioned would make some other blog writing pale with envy. So if your goal was to reach many Saabfans I would say: Done !!!

    Thus, it would be a pity to stop, especially when Saab 2.0 really gets going. Because then you could go back to the actual goal of the blog and write about "the brand Saab with experience and test reports around the Swedish cars".

    Until then, there may also be a few enthusiastic blog readers and contribute with their own articles to the fact that you do not have to worry alone (with Mark) for entertainment.

    Until then many greetings on which you like to blog for a long time


    • Dear Cetak, sometimes you just do not know what to start when you start a new project. So it was with the blog and the dynamics that developed the project was a big surprise. Perhaps the most interesting part of the detective story is yet to come and "pulling the plug" is currently not on the plan. Because that would be, you're right, too early. I let myself be surprised and thank you at this point for your support ...

  • You really brought me to SAAB through this blog. In the beginning I was skeptical, but even there you have advised me on the purchase great. Without you I think there would not be many Saab fans anymore or they would never have been. So go ahead and keep up to date with everything. Hopefully better times will come soon with new car tests, etc. You can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Hi Tom,
    please do not give up. Always remember: head up when the throat is dirty too.

  • Anonymous probably writes very correct sentences - but hopefully did not fail, in close and for NEVS possibly annoying contact to contact.

    At NEVS, finally, the people who want to design the future event for the brand SAAB and just because from there, only very scant information to escape outside, would have the dealer much steadier to refer to the described problem and seek permanent contact with NEVS.

    That you can get in touch with NEVS and get answers, I can confirm from my own experience (although I am not a dealer but only a SAAB driver).

    Long-term traders should, however, push for more concrete answers than I received a few weeks ago - because they are known to be such important things as planning security for their businesses!

    Whether I already know the timeframes for upcoming models, for example, is not so important - however, future dealers would have to be involved in the entire SAAB topic in addition to the contracts to be concluded at an early stage. How this was done so far is simply incomprehensible. Nor has a possible new sales organization been brought by NEVS so far in the conversation - thus remain some information gaps still exist and not only former dealers would like to have some plausible answers.

  • New cars are the one thing, the passion for the Saab brand (whether alive or not, alive or not) is the other.
    My passion for Saab has been unbroken for many years, GM, Muller. NEVS? no idea !
    What matters is the Spirit of Saab, and this blog brings it to life more alive here.
    So what are the thoughts about quitting ?????


  • Hello Tom & Blogger Team,
    I hope that one end of your work is not foreseeable, this would be a pity !!!
    Just your blog has moved me before 18 months, defies production stop, nor a 9-3 SC for my wife to buy and have not regretted it to date. On the contrary, the information from the blog and the unique car welded more together with Saab than any car salesman & corporation ever could.
    @ anonymous- without the blog & team, the sales for the sabbage traders would certainly have fallen further and Saab had been closer to the demise ...

  • Hello Tom!
    If you need new coffee to write ... .. otherwise it would be a pity if the blog went in like a withered plant.
    That makes it hard for you NEVS, I can guess, but not at all understand! But the clicks on this page reveal: SAAB is alive! Also internationally! There are people who want to learn something about SAAB, and this in a double sense! This blog surely keeps a part of the SAAB-lovers at the bar ..., other ex-SAAB'ler like to come back again. With this medium, SAAB has the chance, relatively inexpensive (!) To start again with the base turbocharged! NEVS should recognize the signs and work even more friendly with you! Then ALL will benefit!

    • So maybe something to the brand again. On Monday I made a long planned hike through the Upper Harz with a good friend. We spent nearly 10 hours in the area of ​​the screeching lips and just before dusk I had my SAAB 9-3 Convertible (YOM 09) happy and exhausted again.

      Already at the start of my journey companion said: "By the way, a really nice car!" When boarding at the beginning of the return trip came the same note. And when stopping at the station, he spontaneously repeated it again.

      That's exactly what makes the brand SAAB and you look forward to every day you can drive with the convertible, even if you currently have to drive rather closed.

      It would be nice if the brand can continue to live with new Fz.

  • The auto industry invests enormous sums of money in social media. Even the snotty GG company has a blog with a social media and author team. Since NEVS should be able to keep the relevant blogs and use. As Aero 9-3 suggests, a blog is relatively inexpensive. I would still add a blog that is worth more than any newspaper advertisement. Please continue for a very long time!

  • But we must not forget that the owners of NEVS are located in the Far East .... And as social media platforms may be considered "suspicious"?

  • Hello Tom…
    can understand you very well that you and some fans of the brand; -) (including me) sometimes really do not feel like new, often not vollziebare activities from Sweden ... but without your insanely good and always beautifully written articles ... what would then be left?
    No stag on my Saabine, no orange jacket, no funny exits, no dealer tour ... .and and and ...

    So ... we hold on and have PATIENCE ....

    PS: There are certainly some readers who make Randhessen a Saab korso, only you continue to do!

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