Intern blog. Saab jackets for the cold season.

A few days ago, more fun, I had the idea that we should put on a Saab winter collection. The days are getting colder and our Saab softshell jackets are not winter clothing. I did not expect the approval that came from other members of the blog team. Okay, Saab goes crazy, Saab goes crazy. And yes, I should have known!

Embroidered Saab lettering on the back
Embroidered Saab lettering on the back

For the cold season we have had warm Saab fleece jackets embroidered with the traditional Saab plane on the chest and the lettering on the back. The jackets are in the eye-catching orange of the safety colors of the 70s. Saab also used a similar shade on its models back then. Saab 99 in bright orange were not uncommon and are now considered cool. The new fan textiles in a retro look match the Saab past and the safety aspect.

As an additional feature, the zipper applications are reflective, so that the wearer is also easy to see at night. Of course, the jackets in high quality, and the embroidery is done as always in Germany.

The jackets already had their first appearance in public. In the Saab tour around Meissen the “Men in Orange” were there, as you can see in the pictures, and the retro jackets found their first fans. Orders are always possible through our fan shop. Please note the size chart, as the jackets are a bit larger. Thank you!