SAAB News. SAAB Autumn Highlights 2013.

Today the autumn / winter campaign of the German branch of Saab Parts AB starts for Germany and Austria, Of course, the focus is on the coming cold season, and what is more obvious than the visit to the Saab partner, to prepare our Swedes on snow and ice. So that our Saabs come well through autumn and winter, they have put together the right packages in Eschborn.

Autumn Campaign 2013
Autumn Campaign 2013

The Saab partners are offering a free light test, combined with a Saab illuminant and Saab lighting campaign. In plain English: Original Saab headlights and taillights for the 9-3 and the Saab 9-5 I are available at reasonable promotional prices and the bulbs, of course. As the winter is approaching, we find in the highlights next to the obligatory wheel change and selected aluminum, steel wheels and complete wheels for a special price. As long as stocks last, I add out of sheer caution. Because normally the rim contingent is quickly sold out, which is understandable. Original rims are sought-after, because the wheel design in Sweden has always had a knack, and with Saab rims, a Saab looks just the best in winter.

For the ride in the snow, there are Saab roof luggage and ski racks for a special price and other services around our cars, such as the Saab Wintercheck and, if necessary, the Saab battery change on attractive terms.

Saab Bio Power Flashlight
Saab Bio Power Flashlight

As with every campaign, this time too, a special Saab give-away has been thought up for the Saab drivers. In keeping with the dark autumn and winter, you can get the BioPower LED flashlight from the Saab partner - strictly limited. Compact, printed with the iconic “Saab - More than a car” slogan, suitable for the glove compartment.

Once again a successful idea for the Saab customers and a nice Saab gimmick, which you can not buy anywhere else. How a self-powered BioPower flashlight works is probably clear to everyone. The blog team will test and report extensively.

The LED lamp is available from every participating Saab partner and only while stocks last. Which brings us to another topic. There is a number we should talk about.

In the last few days, letters were sent to Saab drivers at the branch of Saab Parts AB in Eschborn from 24.000. That's more writing than ever in the last two years, and the number of participating partners has never been so high. A huge success for managing director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his employees. The partner structures of the brand have not only been secured in recent months, but also partners have been mobilized, which are now again strong for Saab. A great success story, made in Eschborn!



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  • Is nobody responsible for Switzerland anymore? I have not received any mail from Saab for ages. Even from any action is not heard at us.

  • Sorry I have to take up the topic again, Saab does much more for its customers than the market companion from Gotheborg to the south ... And that's just a campaign by SAAB Parts Germany and the affiliated dealers ... Let's hope that NEVS will soon jump on the bandwagon! Have not yet put the desire for a new large SAAB station wagon to acta!
    I can bridge the time until I am with my 9-5 Aero SC and my 900 IS…. And in winter the Ford Explorer does an excellent job in hilly Switzerland…. And the SAAB's don't have to go out 🙂

  • Nice that there is another such action this year. Since there was nothing to hear / read so far, I called my Saab partner last week. Since I was told that the letters go out in the coming days. Very nice 🙂
    My 9³ will be happy to get fit for the winter again. Maybe he will also get some new rims if there are some chic.

    Greetings from the Lausitz and always good and accident-free ride.

  • Ha, that just fits.
    Inspection and MOT are due, lights are partly with exchanged, etc ..
    Let's see if my Werkstadt is included!

  • Wasn't there the book “SAAB - more than a car” in the 90s? I think the slogan comes from this corner - definitely a great campaign!

  • Great actions - the saying "SAAB - more than a car" reminds me again and again of a great actor and SAAB driver (SAAB 9000 in the color rose quartz): Sir Peter Ustinov.

    Back then, around 15 years ago, he had himself pulled in front of the advertising cart of a Swedish bank for once - the saying at the time: “SEB - more than a bank”.

  • Great! SAAB is on the way, the best conditions when 2014 new cars! Thanks to the SAAB team in Eschborn!

  • ... and what about the "poor" 95 II owners? Sob !!

    • Also for us there are a few offers in the rim area!

      • That's the way it is. 17 ″ and 18 ″ rims are available.

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