Nordi Car Classic. Saab 900 Friction Tester.

The preparations for the Nordi Car Classic 2013 With a lot of Saab Spirit running at full speed, because on the last weekend of October it will be so far. The highlight at this year's Saab booth will be a Saab 900 Friction Tester. Friend Oli had brought him from northern Sweden to the Elbe this year.

Saab Fricition Tester for the Nordi Car Classic
Saab Fricition Tester for the Nordi Car Classic

An adventure whose progress and open outcome we regularly report on our youngtimer blog. The Saab is still in the same condition as it was when it came to Hamburg after more than 30 years of use. It is currently being cleaned for the exhibition, some parts are being refurbished. For example, headlights and taillights that should shine again at the fair. The radiator grille is exchanged because at some point in its career the Saab got a new grill from a different year of manufacture. How good that Oli has the right grill in his warehouse.

The Saab should remain authentic, the scars of a long car life. The careful restoration will not start until next winter. Whether Oli in time for Nordi Car Classic finished and whether the Friction Tester works as we hope? The blog stays tuned and will report.

Saab fans in the north should record the date for the Nordi Car Classic. Well worth a visit and we look forward to many Saab fans!


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    It's nice to see his newest successors at work every day. We have two 2 as friction tester. One from approx. 95 and chrome glasses. Both run extremely reliably! Who knows, maybe there will be another successor….

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