Blog internally. The “I love Saab” revival.

The idea for “I love SaabRevival came from Mark. It all started with a new edition of the buttons that we are giving away in the community and to customers in our fan shop. In the second step, we digitized the template in order to be able to produce further “I love Saab” products from it.

I love Saab stickers - the printing presses are running
I love Saab stickers - the printing presses are running

At our in-house print shop, the printing presses now run with “I love Saab” stickers. The reprints will be available in our shop shortly, the proceeds of the campaign will go to our charity project. Because the campaign runs for fun and without a commercial background.

And also the visitors of the Nordi Car Classic can look forward to the coming weekend! A contingent of the iconic stickers is then ready for you. Fans who visit the Hamburg Saab friends' booth will receive this little Saab thing as a souvenir of the exhibition. While stocks last !



11 thoughts on "Blog internally. The “I love Saab” revival."

  • is someone using stuff like that today?

  • Round mouse pads would also be very nice ...

  • My first idea was a blue tone, based on the emblems 1985-2011. The idea of ​​i.ant.kal would also be interesting (contours in black or white and colorless background).

  • Okay, sounds interesting. Our designer should experiment. Are there any more ideas?

  • Oh yes, on the lap top too

  • I've also been on my snowboard since they were in Belgium (got a few in the mail) ... convertible on the Aero (espresso black) I think it's too colorful ... maybe very minimal style a la new logo ... just the contours ... black the rest colorless?

  • Not really, we stick to the template. But we are always open for suggestions.

  • Are there any plans to create a sticker pad with a different background color?

  • Will buy some; great action.

  • Very nice idea Tom and Mark!
    My wife and I have been wearing her since Meissen.

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