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Switzerland is Saab Land. At least from my West German point of view. Because in the Alpine republic around 25.000 Saabs are on the way. In Germany, with ten times the population, only twice as many. The Swiss are so pronounced Saab-affin. Maybe I should apply for a Swiss passport?

Saab Automobile Parts AB
Saab Automobile Parts AB

Not only is Saab density higher per capita, but loyalty to the Swedish brand is also unbroken. Despite the bad news of the past years from Sweden, the enthusiasm for Saab continues unabated and the number of Saabs registered in Switzerland has remained almost constant in the last 3 years.

Which of course is due to the competent workshops and good service in the country. The 45 Saab partners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are supported by the national branch of Saab Automobile Parts AB in Glattbrugg near Zurich. Responsible for the Swiss market is Country Director Daniel Blaesi, who has been with the Trollhättan brand since 1999.

Saab has a long tradition in Switzerland. The oldest Saab dealer in the country is the Garage Wittwer AG am Thuner See, which has been there for the Swedish brand for over 50 years. One of the first Saab in Switzerland was registered there, the document about it still exists today. And then there is also Hirsch Performance. Another Swiss specialty that has been making driving fun around the world for years. No question about it, the Swiss have Saab in their blood!

The team of is pleased to welcome the Swiss branch of Saab Parts AB as a supporter!


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    9-5 Aero has certainly described the current state of things with his descriptions.

    SAAB enthusiasts rocked us all the misery but not NEVS.

    It is extremely difficult for NEVS to get the cart going again (revoked licenses for great vehicles, raising enormous financial resources for new developments, personnel costs that will hardly be offset by profits in the initial phase - a list of adversities that could be expanded without problems).

    Nevertheless, one wants to dare to restart and we SAAB fans should wait a little longer until final judgments about NEVS are possible - maybe the saying “good things take time” somehow applies. All fans and patient dealers / service companies of the brand would have deserved it - but also those involved on the manufacturer's side!

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      Yes, we have been waiting patiently for years like the lambs in front of the slaughterhouse and keep getting new stories, which we always believe well. And if there are none, we invent ones ourselves. Is this the SAAB spirit?

      I do not wish anyone anything bad, even NEVS. I am only ever more doubting whether anyone there thinks of us buyers in Europe or has ever thought. If so, the history would be more than amateurish and I would seriously ask the question of whether I should invest my money yet another time in this brand after which I've had a shivering with it for years. After all, it is also about us buyers for sums that we do not pay from the petty cash and we want to see used wisely, not? If not customer needs and communication with them are critical to the future of a brand, then what?
      Then it is obvious that other, overarching goals are pursued.

      From the perspective of the Chinese state, NEVS works quite successfully - after all, with the rights of the old SAAB 9-5 and 9-3, technology was brought to China at a dumping price, which has already made a technological leap there possible.

      In a few years' time, our European suppliers will experience the next generation of these products as competitors on the European markets. Economically and economically and politically quite understandable - it is not an answer to my mobility needs and for the future of the SAAB brand in automotive engineering.

      It is up to NEVS to convince buyers of the opposite. Time has already had enough. That, too, is economic reality.

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        Of course, this waiting takes much too long. If you want to continue to drive Saab, you have to live with higher mileage. By the way, is perfect, as I have festgetellt and does not hurt at all if you have cracked the 100.000er mark only once.
        As far as NEVS is concerned, we will still see what you have in your portfolio this year and can decide whether you like it - or not. And the sales strategy will (have to) go public by early 2014 at the latest. By the way, my relationship with NEVS is, at best, neutral. Because we're writing a Saab here - and not a NEVSblog ;-).

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          Clear Tom. I did not accuse you of writing a Nevs blog - :). My sympathies are also limited for a company without investors with a legal seat on the Virgin Islands and its headquarters in Hong Kong. This is miles away from the former image of SAAB.

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    First of all a welcome to Switzerland! I can only join Matthias and 9-5 Aero. The SAAB brand only lives on in the hearts of many fans of the brand. As an everyday car, you can probably no longer drive it in 2-3 years (where do we start and where does it end? With the 901 up to the 9-5 II?). But then many 901s are not yet 30 years old to get an H mark here in Germany and that with the environmental zones or pollutant classes will be reinforced. Ie the taxes ect. will be higher and then an accident damage or major repairs should mean the end for this Saab. The latter even for "newer" models ala 9-3 and 9-5 that do not have parts from Opel.
    There are (oh wonder) still parts on the GM shelf. Unfortunately (with good care) they do not achieve the mileage of a 901 or 9000 before 1993 ... That is the crux of the matter. All models built afterwards (902, 9000, 9-3, 9-5) were also stocked from the GM (Opel) shelf. We saw where that was going ...

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    I have these days with a Swiss Saab dealer on the phone and also had at the meeting in the Bavarian Forest with Swiss Saabfahrer contact.

    I would like to share your optimism, Tom, but I think the reality is different at the moment. Most Saab's (not only in Switzerland) will soon have mileage of well over 100.000 km on the clock, whoever drives on business will have to look for something else sooner or later. Anyone who drives privately has to go to work with a lot of passion. Not everyone can leave their car in the workshop for several days. The past and the “spirit” of the brand are great and it will stay that way - no matter how things go with Saab. Most of the Saab drivers drive are “fans” and supporters of the brand - with another manufacturer things are probably looking grim.

    The number of registered Saab's will go down sharply in the next 3 years - many Saab 900 IIs and the first 9-5s will disappear from the market. And the cars from these years had significantly more registrations than the previous years. At the moment I see Saab experiencing a seamless transition to the classic and fan car - some dealers and workshops can make a living from it, but by no means all. Even if many would drive a Saab in everyday life and on business, they will not do it ...

    Nevertheless, I would of course want a resurgence in the new car area, but unfortunately I can not imagine it at the moment.

    Greetings to all Saab fans!


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      my current 9-5 has 208 km and is regularly used for business trips throughout Europe. The mileage is not a problem in itself, no SAAB has ever left me, even with a significantly higher mileage. It's well cared for, doesn't look worn out and I still enjoy driving it.

      However, it is “only” a vehicle. I'm not in love with it or lifelong loyal to a brand that can't show any prospects. My own search for solutions for technically banal everyday things that are solved elsewhere really gets on my mind, especially because I don't want to use my time as a fan of the brand or indulge in nostalgic feelings, but rather a reliable, safe vehicle for I need everyday work at work.

      From today's perspective, NEVS has no valid answer to my present and future mobility needs. It only needs a major repair or a rear-end collision, then SAAB is history for me.

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    Hello Tom

    Respect that you hold the flag for SAAB so long!

    You are of course right that there are (still) many SAABs in Switzerland. That probably has to do with the fact that these vehicles had a very good image for a long time, last a long time and are reluctant to be given away by the owners. I myself have driven several for business and currently have a fully equipped 9-5 Aero SC from 2007. All of them have easily achieved high mileage.

    I used the word "noch *" because SAAB has done little or nothing in recent years to continue to provide these customers with good products.
    First came the accountants from Detroit (that brought me “leather seats” with synthetic leather inserts), then a windy Antonov, a loudmouthed Muller, opaque Swedish lawyers with self-interest and now Chinese investors who cheat something but don't communicate anything. That probably has to do with the fact that decisions are not made in Sweden anyway, but in China.

    The SAAB brand is now pretty battered. In order to believe that the brand can survive in global competition with this starting point, you need a lot of imagination and optimism. Realistically, it looks more like a technology transfer to China. This is being driven forward - there are already several derivatives of the SAAB 9-5 and 9-3 on the market.

    Whatever the case - the "SAAB spirit" is not serfdom but is nourished with good products and innovation. Loyalty is only sustainable in the long term if it is reciprocated. Neither one nor the other is currently visible to customers in Europe at SAAB.

    A “small new start” in selected key markets in Europe, with products that are well known, could well succeed - but where are they? NEVS has it in hand - even if the previous vehicles last a long time, the stock is constantly decreasing. The dealers know that too - Hirsch sells Volvo today and my house garage Skoda. The SAAB stamp for the service manual is still there and the previous SAAB mechanics are still there and are doing their best. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to answer technical questions. Without the support of the manufacturer, gaps are constantly opening up that cost a lot of time. It is obvious that our vehicles are no longer maintained and updated by the manufacturer. The mobility guarantee vanished without notice when SAAB went bankrupt. Map updates for the sat nav of the SAAB 9-5 year 2007 can only be obtained with a lot of effort in your own way.

    Customer loyalty and customer care looks different!

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    Thank you very much for your commitment and untiring efforts.
    Will pass on the valuable information to Ticino and Italy, because in the last 3 years, there have been many gray clouds and big changes.
    Fründlichi Grüass

    Saab racing Chur

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    wow, grüezi from Züri. But it's nice that the large canton is thinking of us. We have been driving Saab since 1967. from 95, 96, 99 LE, 900, 9000, then 9-3 and 9-5. Are all still redeemed and mobile. most of them well over 430 km with the first engine and gearbox. Only half Saab, (000-9), made only 3 (Opel stop !!) Thank you very much for the nice compliment to Saab Switzerland and our loyal drivers. In fact, the “Spirit of Saab” is extremely strong in Switzerland. Extremely loyal to the Saab drivers. And another great compliment to your Saab blog, which we follow every day. Grüzi from Züri.

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