SAAB press. The Saab autumn action in the press review.

After sales campaigns by the manufacturers are - I will be forgiven in Eschborn - not spectacular. But they are strong signs of life for the brand. It is all the more gratifying that the autumn campaign of the German branch of Saab Parts AB very quickly found its way into the trade press.

Saab autumn highlight campaign 2013
Saab autumn highlight campaign 2013

As soon as the letters went to the customers, the first articles appeared. For example, in the newsroom of the na Presseportal or at the Mittelstand Nachrichten. More important is the recording in the Auto Media Portal, This portal provides the press with royalty-free articles from the automotive industry and is now one of the most widely used news portals. Saab did not always notice there, and certainly not the German branch. That has now changed, Saab is present in the media. The fall-winter action from Eschborn will thus find more widespread, so far is certain.

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A result of the successful construction work of the last two years. And actually the best conditions to continue writing the success story for 2014. With the successful distribution of new cars.



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