Review. Moment of hope.

It's exactly 2 years ago! The sun, noticeably laborious, set out on its daily journey. Because the approaching winter was already palpable, and so it was this Sunday morning still quite low above the Saab factory and drew a beautiful, soft autumn light. In the Stallbacka industrial area there was weekend silence, only underscored by the deep background of the auto plant.

Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 II in the morning sun
Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 II in the morning sun

However, since months no cars could build and was waiting in standby mode for the future. Four visitors from Germany had arrived in Trollhättan the evening before, coming from Frankfurt. Now they stood at the main portal. The reason for their presence, two Saab 9-5 II sports trunks and two 9-4x, parked in the visitors' car parks, covered in morning dew. The Swedish employees had kept their word. The vehicles were ready. But not more. Because the Germans were ignored. No handover, no thumbs up, no good wishes on the way.

The keys of the vehicles were at the security guard at the gate. No papers, no receipt. Saab was in the fight for survival, the times were tough. And yet full of hope. Relief when all vehicles were running. Because the sports and the two SUVs came directly from the trial, everything was possible. Quick another photo shoot in front of the main portal and in front of the big Saab pylon with the griffin.

Then in the direction of Smaland and continue to the south. Hamburg was waiting in the evening, the schedule was tight. The dealer tour for the German market, one last dedicated Aufbäumen, had begun. The rest is known and history.



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  • Hello.

    Among other things, this action (and the presentation in Bremen) is one of the reasons why I still drive my "old" station wagon (and love) and probably can wait a little longer for saabigen replacement.
    If I had not been in Bremen, I might already be on the road with "something else" today.

    Congratulations again and thanks for this great action back then!

  • Great pictures and somehow very sad! But we have not quite given up the hope on Happy End ...

  • Who I look at the pictures of the 28.10.11 of Leipzig, what enthusiasm we had when Mr. Schuhmacher jumped out of the car and announced the sale of Saab, then makes it a bit sad today. I already saw an 9-4X in my garage. Unfortunately, everything changed. Your action was still great and has mobilized the Saabing community again!

  • Damn these are the beautiful cars. Why were they holding us out? I'm getting mad at Gangster Motors again

  • The action was good but unfortunately a bit too late for Saab. One can now speculate "what if"
    Let's hope for a new beginning. (without GM)

  • When looking at the pictures wistfulness comes up ... I had the opportunity to see the Saab convoy in Vienenburg. At the time there was still a bit of hope in the air.
    Now it seems to go on another way. At that time there was still the "Saab-spirit". I hope that will not be lost at NEVS.

  • Oh yes, that was a nice afternoon in Bamberg. All still hopeful. Also remembered is the nice conversation with Mr. Schumacher.

  • Sadness ... and a CLASS ACTION, which rolled out 2 years ago! Has certainly mobilized last reserves, but also showed what great SAAB's could come from Trollhättan ... NEVS now makes (almost) everything NEW, only the slow communication remains! A day in Spe without SAAB is only half as nice!

  • It's a pity ... It's such a great vehicle. The LGT 265 (Sportcombi) and the GWM 850 (9-4X) stand side by side in garage today. A great picture.

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