Saab Blogger on the go & Nordi Car Classic.

The construction of the Saab stand is currently on the Nordi Car Classic, A Saab 9000 CS, an 99 Turbo, an 900 Monte Carlo Cabriolet and a Saab 900 sedan have been on the scene since yesterday. The halls are still dark and deserted, which will change today.

Saab Blogger on the go
Saab Blogger on the go

Our highlight, the Saab 900 Friction Tester, then a Saab 99 Rallye, a Saab 90 and two Saab 96, two-and four-stroke each, are moving into the exhibition halls today. The Nordi Car 2013 is a bit of a premiere, as our Hamburg Saab fans are cooperating with the other Swedish brand, so that for the first time there will be a big Sweden stand with Saab and Volvo.

Nordi Car Classic - the first Saabs are already on site
Nordi Car Classic - the first Saabs are already on site

Tomorrow morning I start with the Turbo X heading north, together with my friend Joachim, to be in time for breakfast in Hamburg. The weekend is all about Saab, maybe the last event of the year. But yes, there it was November meeting in Belgium.

The blog will be a bit calmer the next few days. Because apart from Saab, normal life still exists. A small (blog) break is therefore following the weekend.



4 thoughts on "Saab Blogger on the go & Nordi Car Classic."

  • Hello Olli

    You have a really nice sedan.

    We also had three 900 Sedan one of them even in pine green with moss green plush.
    Therefore, I know that this combination is really good.
    Unfortunately, the body state back then (before 19 years ago) was so bad that it only served as part carrier (rear axle) for our Silver 900 GLE.
    The last sedan we had was also a GLE however in Dorado brown with rosewood plush and automatic.
    He unfortunately left 2001 (sold).

    If I had such a great sedan I would not give it away anymore.
    Our SAAB history was continued with 2006 900i Coupe (3 door) year 86 and 2012 with a 9-3 Coupe (3 door).
    The latest project is a 900 GL (5 door) year 83 (Unplanned Random Find).

    I still hope that someday I'll get a Sedan0 (preferably a GLE) on my way.
    Unfortunately, it's not so easy to find an old 900 anymore.

    If it takes you with the turbo times to Carinthia dan say.
    I would like to see that from the near incredibly.



    PS: I'll see the Sedan Retreats again 🙂

  • Hey Michael!
    Is there
    Is a MY '81, 8V Turbo without APC, 145 hp
    Imported from Sweden in 2011.
    Currently 174tkm
    Full equipment - everything that existed in 1981.
    Except for a new paint (about 2009) original condition, rust-free (except slight edge rust here and there)
    Various new parts - such as headlights, taillights, indicators, brakes, technology revised.
    A delightful combination: pine green metallic, moss green pool plush and green slices.
    “Unfortunately” automatic - but perfect for cruising. Especially on Swedish country roads. 🙂
    More information can be found at the Sedan Retreats.
    Greetings, Olli

    PS: Not for sale by the way - I love this car. It's the perfect time machine! 😉

  • Is there more information about the 900 Lmousine?
    Year of construction, kilometers etc ...

    Ansonstewn I wish you much fun and good rest for the blog break.

  • Have fun and let it rip! 🙂

    PS: pity that the Monte is no longer original.

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