Intern blog. Keychains and I love Saab stickers.

Our Saab Fan Shop has now received new additions. The "I love Saab" revival is underway, the stickers celebrated their premiere at the Saab stand during the Nordi Car Classic in Elmshorn. They are now also available in the shop, and the "I love Saab" cups in different color variations will also arrive soon.

I love Saab Revival and Saab keychain
I love Saab Revival and Saab keychain

As a small gift idea for Saab driver, we have key chains made of felt. Striking in orange with silver Saab lettering. Why felt? As longtime Saab pilots, we also thought something of it. Too often hang at the ignition key and heavy trailer. Which is not good for lock and the material of the center console. Or as with the Saab 9000 only for the castle, which suffers. A pendant made of felt has little weight, a soft material. It is striking and unmistakable anyway. The ignition and the center console will be happy about it!



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